Hello Blogging World!

September 19, 2008 § 7 Comments

Hi everyone!

I wanted to start a blog where I could practice the languages I’m learning. =) Hopefully this will be my only post in English. If you have any tips or want to correct my syntax/word choice/grammar, please do! Unfortunately you need to make an account to leave comments but it is very easy and fast. If you know me personally please feel free to send me an e-mail or facebook message as well. I plan to use this website as an honest expression of my daily occurrences. If you want to know more about me, this is probably a good place to start.

Best wishes,




第一个页面。=) 我学中文是因为我觉得很有意思,汉字很漂亮。另外将来我想去中







나는 버클리대학생이야. 이름은 유미라고 . 한국사람인데 못써. 미국에서 태워나서 연습 기회가 많이 없었어. 할때 서툴러서 챙피해. 그런데 열심히 공부해서 할거야! 나는 언어 공부 하는 것을 아주 좋아해. 사실은 프랑스어와 스페인어도 조금 배웠는데 많이 잊어버렸어. 다시 공부해서 다음에 쓸께. 틀리게 표연이나 썼으면 해줘!


I will try to practice the other languages later. I know I made and will continue to make lots of mistakes so please be sensitive and don’t laugh at me too much! =) Hopefully this blog will track my progression in my languages (not the reverse)! See you next time!



§ 7 Responses to Hello Blogging World!

  • Jinhu says:

    Salut Joanna!!! おひさしぶりですね。你最近怎麼樣? Je suis vraiment ravi que tu as créé ce blog. Maintenant, on peut parler en utilisant plusieurs langues. 不過我覺得你的日文比我好。がんばって。Quand je suis libre, j’essaierai t’écrire ici. それじゃ。

  • ryan 山崎 says:


  • ryan 山崎 says:

    typo: もっとありわせだよ。!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 예슬 says:

    너무 잘썼어=) im very impressed!!

  • Shawn says:

    Wow, you have a language talent Joanna!

    However, there is one minor error on the Chinese (only language I’m qualified to talk about):

    练多习很 should be 很多练习, treating 练习 as a noun and 很多 as a modifiers.

    Keep it up! This is awesome.

  • Marvin Lee says:

    there are a few mistakes on your Korean portion:
    ‘챙피해’가 아니라 ‘창피해’야.
    ‘태워나서’가 아니라 ‘태어나서’야.

    the last phrase would have been better if u simply said: 틀린점 있으면 말해줘.

    이것들 따르면 한국말 많이 늘릴꺼야.

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