I lied, there will be English!

September 19, 2008 § Leave a comment


I was thinking in the shower when I realized that it would be a lot more fun if everyone could understand everything I wrote.  Plus, it’s a good thing to spread the knowledge and get people interested in new things.  It will also be a good opportunity for me to review and strengthen the basics of the languages that I want to write in.  So with that, I challenge you to learn a new language and follow along on this journey with me!

WordPress is really cool and lets me categorize my blogs.  I am planning to categorize the entries by language (French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) so you can just click on the group of entries you would like to see.  Explanations will be written in English.  I won’t be able to teach you how to write but I can teach you how to read and direct you to other resources that will hopefully fill in the gaps.  The entries are organized by time written so just start from the back if you missed a couple lessons.  I will try my best to make this website a learning tool for you as well as a means of expressing myself.

See you later!



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