Yummy Food

June 1, 2009 § 3 Comments

Yesterday I finally got to eat some more delicious Korean food.

For dinner we went to a hole-in-the-wall seafood place in…I forgot.  I will ask my brother later and update this.. hehe.  It was really casual and cute.   I only saw people in their 20-30s.    They had little aprons to wear so nothing splashed on your clothes and there was a disco-ball too!  The tables weren’t really tables but tiny, round, make-shift grills that complemented our plastic stools nicely.  Anyway, enough talk.  Time for some pictures!

King crab and clams

King crab and clams

Fried rice in crab shell

Fried rice in crab shell

Seafood noodle soup

Seafood noodle soup

My brother's attempt to make a beautiful display...

My brother's attempt to make a beautiful display...

It was all very delicious.  I’m sad I was still partially full from lunch to fully appreciate it.

Last but not least, I practiced my cat photography yesterday night.





I won’t be updating for the next few days because I will be traveling to Pusan, in southern Korea.  Pusan is known for their proximity to the ocean and hot springs.  See you in a couple days! =)


§ 3 Responses to Yummy Food

  • Caroline says:

    The cats are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

    ooh those crabs are so yummy. we can make that here too. my family and i ate crabs like twice a month during crab season.. same way you did and it’s so yummmmyyyy. mmmmmmm.

  • Laura says:

    My seester, the food looks DERICIOUS!!!!!!! NOW I’m jealous. gRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • ac says:

    looks yummy and nonspicy (which means more yummy to me).

    try to take more pictures of everything, i can’t tell what the tables look like, or the little aprons, or the disco ball

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