Let there be Internet!

June 2, 2009 § 3 Comments

Hey whaddyaknow!  My aunt does have Internet in Pusan.  I think Samsung is the Dell of Korea.  All three relatives I’ve seen have Samsung computers and monitors.  I haven’t used the computers enough to discern any major differences but the monitors are much more stylish.

These next few posts will be a bit boring if you just like looking at pictures *cough* allan *cough* but I decided that this blog is more for myself than the four, maybe five, people who actually read it.  When I get back to America I’m going to pull a Martha (Stewart) and make a travel scrapbook and print out all these entries and pictures.  I still regret not doing that for my Xanga in high school.  It was basically my online diary that is now lost.  One of my favorite things is to look back on past journals.  I actually found one from one of my previous trips to Korea.  I think I was about 11 and my cousin had to mail me my journal from Korea because I left it on a tour bus.  My mom told me to just forget about it but I insisted that I get it back.  I’m pretty sure I raised quite a ruckus to get that journal back.  =D

Yesterday I took the subway to my aunt’s house to see her and my mom.  I only had to make one call to get there successfully!  I was so proud of myself.

Once getting there I realized how amazing it is to see people age before your eyes.   Even though I know I’ve dramatically changed since the last time I’ve seen my aunt, it was startling to see her cropped hair and wrinkles.  After catching up with her and my mom, I ate dinner with my aunt, mom, and older male cousin, Jungwoo.  Jungwoo is my aunt’s youngest son.  He is ten years older than me and lives in the neighborhood.

It’s funny.  If I had passed him on the street I would have never thought we were related.  It’s been so long since I last saw him that I didn’t even remember what he looked like.  I think I was about five the last time we met.  The most vivid memory he had of me was my gringo Korean accent saying, “하지마!”  It’s pronounced hajima and means “stop it.”  To be honest, I don’t even remember Jungwoo oppa that much.  I just remember that he existed but before seeing him yesterday I didn’t remember his face, personality, or height.  I only really remembered his older brother, Junghoon, who chased me around with a booger (no wonder I was saying ‘stop it’).   The story everyone tells is how Hoonie oppa (nickname) chased me around with a booger on his finger until I realized that I had boogers too and then promptly proceeded to pick them and try to put them on him. lol.  I can’t wait to see him again!  He is married and has a two year old son now.  I hope it won’t be too awkward.  I have such fond memories of him.  He and his then-girlfriend took me and my sister to an amusement park too.

Anyway, back to yesterday night.  I actually really like Jungwoo oppa.  My mom always described him as the really good looking one.  He is definitely not ugly but I don’t know, he was always touted as the most handsome of all the grandkids but I guess I just don’t see it.  I was expecting someone who looked more like this:

Song Seung Hun-one of the original Korean heartthrobs

Song Seung Hun-one of the original Korean heartthrobs

Anyway, Jungwoo oppa taught me how to text message in Korean (I will try to write a post on this later but basically not all the letters are on the keypad and you use a period to indicate the legs on the vowels).  He also showed me all the cool features on his phone!!  I could write a million posts on this but some of the coolest things were:  watching tv, super high-def videos and sound, really fun games like fishing, face-to-face chatting, live time memo-pad(you can draw something on a memo pad and the person you are talking to can see what you are drawing), and so much more!!  The cell phones in Korea are really something.  I was a bit put off when he said that he would rather have the iPhone and that he was planning to buy one when it came out in a few months.  His phone is so cool!!


Today my aunt, mom, and I rode the speedy Korean train and went to Pusan.

KTX Train

KTX Train

We ate lunch at a raw fish place that I wish I had taken pictures of but didn’t because I left my camera in the car.  Plus I was so famished that I was just shoveling food down my throat by that point.  My aunt’s husband has a personal driver/chauffeur (allan’s dream) who picked us up at the train station.  Afterward we came to my aunt’s house where I discovered the internet and immediately checked my e-mail and k-pop sites.  =)

Later that afternoon my aunt and I went on a hike on a nearby mountain.  It was interesting that even on a mountaintop there were little stores that sold drinks and snacks.  I took pictures that I will post later.

I’m going to end this post here because my mom is sick and needs to sleep in the room with the computer.  Sorry it is so disjointed but I don’t have any time to smooth it out.  Bye-bye. =)


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