Fresh air

June 8, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m in the countryside right now.  We are in some town in the middle of Korea (yes, I know I am so wonderfully descriptive).  I’m not going to do a complete update or recap now because I want to be able to show you the pictures with the text.

The one big difference is the air here.  I was dubious about coming here at first because of my occasional spats of boredom in Pusan where I only hung out with senior citizens, but I’m so glad I did.       The air is so fresh and the landscape is so beautiful.  Currently I am at my cousin’s house where she has cows and dogs.  And internet.  =D  My cousin is my Big Aunt’s eldest daughter who is actually much closer in age to my mom than me.  Her kids are closer to my age and we played together yesterday.  Apparently they are supposed to call me “ajumma” (the connotation is middle aged lady) because I am their second cousin but I was like, “what the heck, don’t call me that!”  So the older one (the boy) just calls me “noona” (what a boy is supposed to call an older sister) and the girl actually doesn’t really call me anything.  I think if she did she would use “eemo” which means aunt on your mom’s side.

I really like it here.  I’m sad that I won’t be able to play with my cousins anymore because they have to go to school and we have to go visit another relative somewhere else in the country.  I’m so glad I have a relative here!  I always wanted to work on a farm and live with animals but I don’t have any farming relatives in America.  This isn’t really a farm though so I don’t get to till the fields or feed the cows.  I mean, they have cows but there are so many that I think a machine feeds them.  Plus they are not milk cows so I can’t do that either.  But I think there is a machine for that too.  =(

Anyway, I will post a full update in a few days when I get back to Seoul.  Ciao.


§ 3 Responses to Fresh air

  • Laura says:

    HA! I beat caroline to a comment! woo hoo!

  • Caroline says:

    ^^ great accomplishment!!

    Are you doing anything tourist-y?? Lotteworld? Visiting one of those old Korean houses where you play the see saw game?? Are you stopping by LA before you go back to the Bay?

  • Marvin Lee says:

    yes, my following comment is long.

    a word of advice: next time u meet ur cousin’s children. tell them to call u “eemo.” the actual familial term is first cousin once removed (yes English is a bitch when it comes to familial terms). korean style: 오촌 조카. Second cousin means someone who shares a common great-grandparent with you. the best explanation is children of your parents’ first cousins would be your second cousins. hence, it would be similar to sibling-like relationship with your first cousins. second cousin generations in korean in general: 재종형제, 자매. first cousins: 종형제 자매. thankfully, i know some second cousins and understand such complex familial structures.

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