I’m a bit of a hypochondriac

June 13, 2009 § Leave a comment


So I’ve been a little sick and feverish the past few days.  What started out as a sore throat turned into a cough which turned into a fever which turned into all the above combined with an upset stomach and sub-sequential diarrhea.  I had been taking medicine but not feeling too much better when I started browsing the internet for swine flu symptoms.  Lo and behold!  Those are it!

I told my cousin that I wanted to stop by the hospital just in case when he told me that I should go to a public health clinic instead because that’s where the hospital would send me anyway since I am an American citizen.  He gave me a ride to the place where they sent us to this little quarantined nook outside the parking lot.  Then two people in masks came to take my temperature and interview me.  We had hardly gotten to the second question when the examiner man was like, “Nah.. she doesn’t have swine flu/H1N1.”  Apparently the virus is only active for ten days or less and since I had come into Korea two weeks ago, the facts didn’t match up.

What a relief!  I was afraid that I had infected all my family members and that I had been a walking virus this whole time.  But in my defense, I just wanted to make one hundred percent sure!  In the slim chance that I did have swine flu, it was important to alert my relatives and if needed, quarantine them.

Anyway, since then I have just been drinking lots of fluids and resting.  My relatives have been so nice to me and feeding me, getting me medicine, etc.   Everyone is so busy and has so much to do so I feel bad that I’m burdening them with my sickness.  But what can I do, my body just has a mind of its own sometimes.  Hopefully I will be all better in a few days but I’m just taking it easy for now.  That’s also why I haven’t posted a full update of the countryside trip but I will soon!


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