Going to the DMZ?

June 15, 2009 § 3 Comments

If anyone knows any information on visiting the DMZ (border between North and South Korea), please let me know.  I have been searching online for a while now without much luck.  The two tour groups that were recommended to me (Koryo Tours and USO) are either not taking US citizens or defunct.  If you know anyone who traveled to the border relatively recently, please let me know!


§ 3 Responses to Going to the DMZ?

  • Caroline says:

    The only person I know who visited the DMZ was a friend who went w/ a Korean college group. I doubt you’ll have luck with this, but go to a college and beg the group if you can join. ahaha, that’s all I can think of.

  • Peggy Li says:

    Don’t go, Joanna. Two Chinese (or Korean) journalists from LA accidentally crossed the border to North Korea from China and got caught. There were sentenced to 14 years hard labor. I want to see you back safely!

  • Marvin Lee says:

    Hi Joanna!

    The info doesn’t matter anymore, but for future purposes.

    If you don’t remember, I was in Korea for a year. There are a few tour groups such as USO, DMZ, etc.

    Right now, the security situation on the Korean Peninsula is not so great. Hence, if u r a U.S. citizen, u won’t be able to go. I know the situation is bad because I have a cousin that’s an army officer.

    Keep me updated on your travels. I’ll keep reading your blogs.
    Be safe and have fun chingoo!


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