Subway Fail

June 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

WOW.  I REALLY need to start paying more attention on the subway from now on.  Today I missed my transfer point and I had to catch the reverse subway so I could get back on track.  Later on my way home I did the same exact thing. -_-

Today I met up with my youngest uncle, his wife, and his son Namhyung.  Namhyung is the ONLY cousin on both sides of my family that is younger than me.  He is an actual cousin and not a niece or nephew.  He was so shy at first and obviously uncomfortable but softened up with time.  After dinner we went to Baskin Robbins.  Baskin Robbins in Korea is so much better than the ones in America.  The cakes are cuter and they sell chocolate fondue!  It comes with balls of ice cream, fruit, and pound cake.  SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOO GGGGGOOOOOOOOOODDD!!!  I didn’t eat it this time but I had it last time I came to Korea.  I was so sad to discover that they don’t offer that in America!  Here are some pictures of the pretty cakes:




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