My friends

June 22, 2009 § 3 Comments

I am very blessed to have some wonderful people in my life.  I often feel like a very lucky person but today I feel especially lucky.

I’m really sad I have to leave Korea in less than a week and have been moping around, unable to really enjoy the time I have left here.  I know it’s bad and I know I shouldn’t act so listless but I can’t help but walk around with a heavy heart.  I have some good-bye dinners planned with a few close friends and family members and I shudder to think how teary I will be then.  I feel bad that I wasn’t able to meet up with some more friends and distant family members but one month went by a lot quicker than I had anticipated. I don’t think any part of my remaining journey will be quite as memorable as my time in Korea.

I want to send my love and good wishes to my friends and family in America right now.  I had the opportunity to talk to Anjul today and it was just so nice to absorb some of his wisdom. =)  I still toy around with the idea of staying in Korea longer and cancelling some of my other trips but I feel like I need to stick to the plan for now, for myself.

Currently I am finalizing some last minute details for the trip.  While doing so, I feel like my life is akin to the main character’s life in Slumdog Millionare.  The people that I have been meeting and connecting with are so random and there is no logical structure to the way I planned this trip.  Many of the people I am going to meet are by chance encounters.  I don’t want to divulge too much right now in case things don’t work out, but you will soon know what I mean.

Also, I may not be able to blog while I am in China because last I heard, they block wordpress.  If I can’t write through a proxy ip address I will probably just save my posts and publish them once I reach Taiwan.  For now I will continue to post about my life in Korea.



§ 3 Responses to My friends

  • Laura says:

    You can’t do anything in China. Ella and I have to do it all via gmail. Anyways, who is Anjul? Why is he so wise? Shouldn’t you be turning to me for pearls of wisdom? I am, after all, your big seester of 25 again years.

  • caroline says:

    You might be able to email your posts to a spcial wordpress email and have it published that way! I am sho shmart!!

  • Anjul says:

    I didn’t know you had watched Slumdog. It was a very nice movie and a very accurate depiction of sad realities.

    I’m wiser than your big seester 😉 bwahahaha… 😉 j/kidding.

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