Namsan Tower

June 24, 2009 § 2 Comments


Went to go see Namsan Tower today.  I suggest people go right at sunset so you can catch both the daytime and nighttime views of Seoul from the top of the tower.  My brother and I took a cable car up the  mountain and then had to walk up a few flights of stairs to get to the tower.  We ate dinner at this delicious restaurant (not the Grill) inside the tower.  It was about $30 per person for an entree and a buffet that included bibimbap, tuna tartare, kalguksoo, dumplings, and gaejang.  There were also lots of other little side dishes and soups but those were probably my favorites.  Here are some pictures of Seoul!




§ 2 Responses to Namsan Tower

  • Laura says:

    Been there, done that. NEXT!

  • Caroline says:


    Do some F-U-N stuff. Eat some street food & take grreat pictures of them. Take pictures of little Korean kindergartners in their uniform. Find a k-celeb and take a peace picture.

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