Leaving Korea and Flight to Shanghai

June 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

I can’t upload pictures from China because the secret method I am using to access WordPress times out while attempting to do so.  Therefore, you must READ MY WORDS!  If you’re too lazy, sorry.  I will start posting pictures in Taiwan.

I stayed up all night before leaving for the airport yesterday so I was a sleepwalking zombie during my last few hours with my brother.  We left for the airport around 8am and arrived in about an hour and a half (City Limousine Bus from COEX, cost about $14).  After I checked in my luggage, we went to go eat breakfast at a Bennigans again in the restaurant (I went to Bennigans the night before with some of my cousins).  I ended up ordering this tofu salad dish that I had really enjoyed the night before.  I don’t know if it was because it was the morning or because I was in an airport but somehow, it wasn’t quite as tasty as I had anticipated it to be.

While waiting the two hours for my flight to board, I fell asleep on these round seats (think rotating airplane bed in Austin Powers but without the disco lights and groovy cushions).  After an hour or so my brother woke me up and we said good-bye as I entered the gate.  I didn’t cry this year!  Woohoo.  Partly because I was just way too tired and partly because I had prepared myself constantly, for the last week.  Later as I reached into my bag to get my passport I found that my brother had secretly slipped a parting gift in my bag as I was sleeping.  Even though you don’t read this, thanks big bro, for your smelly, old, cat hair covered, rotting black socks.  I’ll be sure to bring you some grody old rags next time I go to Korea.  =)

After I reached my gate I found out that my flight had been delayed for two hours.  I just sat there, slipping in and out of consciousness from sheer exhaustion as I half slept and half observed the waiting area.  I was too paranoid to fully fall asleep because I had nearly missed my flight one time like that.  I was flying from Chicago to Los Angeles and luckily a nice lady next to me woke me up and asked if I had to board the flight.  Anyway, there were a lot of Korean teenagers going to Shanghai as well.  It looked like it was either for a school trip or a tour group.  It was interesting because they were from a different province of Korea and spoke with an accent even though they looked like they were straight from Seoul.

While I boarded the plane I was asked to stand to the side and the flight attendant handed me a different ticket stub.  Apparently I had been bumped up to business class!  At first I was confused and thought it was a mistake but when I checked with the flight attendant later it was because economy was full.  It was cool because I am not a lucky person and I never won prizes at carnivals or got picked at magic/entertainment shows to go up on stage so it was a little surreal that they picked me, of all the people on the flight, to go to business class.  I know they didn’t actually pick me and it was probably random but it was still cool.  Hehehe.

There was no first class on this flight so business class was the best section offered and it was much bigger, and much emptier than economy.  I took China Eastern, which I had heard horror stories of, but I thought it was pretty good.  Even if I had stayed in economy, the seats were just as big (or small) as any other plane I have been on and the flight attendants were very nice. The business class section was really empty and I was the only female and only person under the age of 40 sitting there.

At Shanghai/Pudong you have to ride a bus to the actual airport from the place where you land and I accidentally followed my fellow business class-ers to the VIP bus.  lol.  It was air conditioned, clean, and departed much earlier than the other bus.  Another flight of many firsts. =)


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