Yay for Productivity!

July 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

Today was my most productive day in Shanghai thus far.  I left the house at 9am for the Shanghai Museum with Amy and Linda.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned Linda in my blog yet, but she is a friend I made during the last few days.  She just graduated from Wellesley and the more I get to know her, the more I am impressed by her.

I generally love museums and the Shanghai Museum was no exception.  It was the perfect size, not too big and not too small.  I did start browsing the exhibits a little quicker towards the end though but only because I knew the deliciousness that was in store.  The museum had interesting exhibits regarding the evolution of the Chinese coin, writing system, paintings, sculptures, etc.  The coins did get repetitive after a while but only because there were about seven rooms dedicated to coins.  I am always amazed by great artistry so when I saw the intricate etchings on coins that were the size of a small button, I lamented the decline of such talents.  If I had been born in olden times I think I would have been an artist or a craftswoman.  =)  The museum was free and had many foreign and local visitors.

Afterward we went to go eat xiaolongbao (little dumplings filled with meat and soup)!!!  We went to the main restaurant (Nanxiang?) in Yuyuan and ate on the top floor.  The restaurant is divided into three floors, takeout, limited selection, unlimited selection.  We ordered pork dumplings, crab dumplings, soup dumplings(you drink the broth out of the dumpling with a straw), crab and tofu squares, etc.  It was delicious and if possible, better than Din Tai Fung in Arcadia.  I haven’t had Din Tai Fung in a while though so my memory may be fallible.  I should hurry up and go back and check. ; )

After food, we went on a little adventure to another secret imitation shop.  The area that we went to had many men walking around with little slips of paper that had pictures of designer goods on it.  I didn’t know what they were at first but after Linda explained that they were asking us to go to more secret rooms, I eagerly told her to tell them yes.  It was a little out of a spy movie because we had to furtively follow the man to a neighborhood of old, run down houses to get to the shop.  The man opened a random door to what looked like would be a shoddy little apartment complex but instead it opened up to an air conditioned room filled with imitation goods.  Linda acted as my translator/expert haggler and advised me on my first illegal purchase! =)  That girl is AMAZING at haggling.  She knows when to flirt, when to push, when to pull back, and is so adorable during the whole process that you can’t help but give in.  Watching her, I realized that I have so much left to learn about negotiating!

After our escapade, we went to a shopping center that sells fabric and clothes.  In China you can have clothes custom made to fit you for the price it would cost to buy a machine made article of clothing.  After seeing Linda’s pretty tweed dress, I decided to commission a piece for myself as a memento.  I decided on a simple pair of long shorts (shorts that come to the knee) because of its versatility and comfort.  They are brown and good for hot weather.

I have many new posts to write (it is already a couple days after I started this post.. hehe) so I am going to finish up in bullet points:

  • Awfully Chocolate (google it and try it when you come to Shanghai.  Expensive but delicious.  I prefer the ice cream over the cake)
  • Watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon aka My Lovely Samsoon(Korean drama) again. SO GOOD!
  • Sweet herbal tea in a can (red color)
  • Being able to call the front desk of a hotel and have a cab waiting for you at the front
  • Random funny: I kept on typing crap instead of crab when writing about the dumplings.  Hehehe… crap dumplings. o_O    Okay, fine.. gross.

§ One Response to Yay for Productivity!

  • Laura says:

    They probably are better than Din Tai Fung…but I think DTF is way over rated.
    Brown shorts? They better be cute.

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