Taiwanese massage in China

July 3, 2009 § 3 Comments

Have you heard of pink rooms?  They are prostitute services disguised as massage parlors.  Yesterday I passed by my first pink room.  The girls were dressed in short skirts instead of the traditional masseuse clothing.  I wonder what would happen if I went in and asked for a massage.  Would they turn me away?  Give me a low quality massage?  I’m curious.  I tried to convince Amy to go in with me but she didn’t want to so I guess I will never know.  I’m hesitant to go in alone.  Hehehe…

I got a massage yesterday (the kind you stick your face in a hole) yesterday and now my shoulders are aching.  There were times when it was so painful that I wanted to cry.  But just as I would be about to say something, the masseuse would switch to something less painful.  All I want to do today is lie down and eat ice cream but I have a full day planned.  The day culminates in a flight to Wuhan.  I won’t have my laptop or internet access there so I won’t be able to update for about 4 days.  I’ve been having trouble with the internet in China (remember, WordPress is blocked here) so that’s also why I haven’t been able to update more frequently.

I will explain why I am going to Wuhan and who I am meeting once I get back to Shanghai.  I’m really excited but I haven’t packed or anything yet so I should get started on that.  See you in a bit!


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