More on White Water Rafting

July 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

There was a lot more action behind the pictures that I posted so I wanted to elaborate before I move on.

The good:

  • I tried a lot of new Chinese snacks like spicy beef tendon in little plastic packets, milk tea in a bottle, black jelly in a cup that comes with a little packet of honey, squares of dried beef, pomello and honey tea, Oreo flavored wafers (these are not Chinese), and most delicious of all.. spicy duck neck, Wuhan’s specialty.
  • Sweet herbal tea in a red can.  I hope to find it when I get back to the States.
  • I got to see a lot of calves, pigs, dogs, and cats.  They were all so adorable!
  • A very picturesque landscape.

The bad:

  • People throwing away trash on the street.  They were just dropping it and basically littering without abandon.  =(
  • Crazy driving.  Dangerous forms of weaving are common practice and expected, even on tiny roads.
  • Excessive horn honking.  Our driver would honk even when there was no one else on the road. -_-
  • Nothing good was on tv while I was in my hotel.  I kept on flipping channels, hoping that something would eventually turn up… but nothing ever did.  I did, however see some Korean dramas with really terrible dubbing.


  • I’d like to explain what happened in the pictures I posted below with the cow.  Contrary to Jungwoo oppa’s belief, I am not trying to push the cow off the road. lol.  I was simply trying to pet it.  One millisecond after my hand touched its hide, it whipped me with its tail, which explains the second picture.


  • After we purchased our tickets, we had to drive up a windy road to the top of the mountain.  Instead of driving the three cars we drove from Wuhan, we rented a bus to take us up.  It took about thirty minutes in a rickety little bus/van that was really only for 7 people (but we squeezed 9) when one of the guys realized that he left all the tickets in his car, at the bottom of the mountain.  None of us had any money or our phones with us.  I actually have no idea how this was resolved but luckily it was, and we were able to proceed to the rafting area even without our paper tickets.
  • My friends thought it was so novel and strange that my college major was human rights that they constantly referred to it throughout the weekend.  Whenever I would meet a new friend, Leo would tell them to ask me what my major was.  He also made jokes like, “有美,我的女朋友打我。我没有人权!”  (Joanna, My girlfriend hits me, I don’t have any human rights!).  He also kidded  that it wasn’t fair that the president of China got to go to other countries for free but he had to pay for expensive visas whenever he wanted to travel.  Because of these frequent references to my major, I learned a phrase (打是亲、骂是爱) that roughly translates to “to hit is to kiss, to scold is to love.”  Whenever anyone would bring up the girlfriend reference, I would just say this phrase (proverb?) and everyone would laugh.

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