Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Raohe Night Market

July 12, 2009 § 1 Comment

After a morning of sleeping in and getting distracted by the Internet, I left the comfort of my air conditioned hostel to go see the Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.  I took the metro by myself and it was very easy to get there.  Everything is translated into English and there are very clear signs where ever you go.  Also, because Taipei is so much smaller than Seoul, it is much easier and faster to get around.

Along the exit they were having an exhibit of a kitty photographer!  The pictures were so adorable and made me think that perhaps there is a future for me in animal photography! =)

IMG_1779The memorial hall was really nice.  There was also a theater and people were flyering on behalf of the various shows (I think I saw a pamphlet for Phantom of the Opera).  To be honest, I don’t know that much about the history and creation of this memorial and should probably research some more to get the full value.  Nonetheless it was all very impressive to behold.

IMG_1787IMG_1792IMG_1796Then I met up with a friend named Avril.  We went to the night market near Houshanpi station called Raohe night market.  It was my first time going to a night market in Taiwan and it was so fun!

IMG_1803We ate things like gelatinous duck blood, almond milk, pork and green onion buns, chicken feet with the claws attached, and more.  I also really liked the little arcades that purposely make it easy to win so that people will have fun.


We saw some cool and random things along the way.


I think Taiwanese people have a favorable opinion towards Koreans as well.  While I was walking around with Avril (she is a Taiwan native), we got some drinks and sat down at an almond milk stand.  After a few quick seconds, the vendor man figured I was a foreigner and Avril told him that I was Korean.  He then motioned to the other vendors around and told them to go look at the Korean (in a nice, non creepy way).  It was pretty funny though and he gave us extra almond milk before we left.  Even when I tried to pay for it he wouldn’t take the money.

Going to the night market was so fun and exciting for me.  There are so many in Taipei and I want to visit so many more! =)


§ One Response to Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Raohe Night Market

  • Caroline says:

    You hung out with Avril Lavigne! COOL!

    What are all those characters in the last picture.. They look like those things you construct with plastic bead-like things and then put wax paper over, iron, and voila, melted plastic thingy-s. What is it!!

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