IKEA and Luxy

July 12, 2009 § 2 Comments

Besides the last part, today was like any other day I could have had in America.  I met up with a friend I met yesterday through another friend (one of the Berkeley peeps) and we just hung out.  I like spending time with different kinds of people in different countries because each time it is a different experience.  So far in Taiwan I have spent time with a 60 year old Taiwan native, a 25 year old Taiwan native, 3 Hong Kong natives, and 2 Chinese-Americans.  Whenever I spend time with another type of person, I get a different experience and I am able to see Taiwan through their eyes.  This is what I try to do in all the different countries I am visiting on this trip and traveling by myself definitely makes it easier to do that.

The day started out for me by simply running errands around Taiwan.  I am slowly familiarizing myself with my neighborhood and I think that if I came back to Taiwan again I would have no problem getting from the airport to the nearest metro spot of where I need to go.  I like that I am able to navigate different areas of the world and hopefully teach others to do the same.  I then met up with Alex who is a year younger but also graduated from UC Berkeley.  He is working in Taiwan and just got a new apartment so I went with him to Ikea to get things for his kitchen.  Even though following someone on such an errand may be boring for some, it was really fun for me.  It took me back to when I was buying new dishes and kitchen supplies when I first moved into my own apartment!  It was funny though because as we were browsing he commented that I was basically his mom on this trip because I would make him check the dishes to make sure they weren’t cracked and make quick decisions regarding the purchases.

Afterwards we got Ikea hot dogs and drinks for one US dollar!  I wanted to try this last time I went to Ikea in the bay area but by that time the kitchen was closed so I wasn’t able to get it.  Then we went to a market chain here called Welcome and decided to just make dinner instead of going out.  It has been so long since I’ve been able to cook and make my own food so it was really fun using his kitchen.  I think we did a pretty good job considering we didn’t have a rice cooker or many ingredients and seasonings.

rice made from a pot

rice made from a pot


After dinner I met up with Coby and Sherry to go to a Taiwanese club.  Let me explain.  For those of you that know me, I am not the clubbing type.  However, Coby and Sherry had been going almost every night and were telling me how fun it was so against my better judgement I decided to go with them and check one out.  We went to Luxy and don’t ask me where it is because I have no idea.  It was crazy seeing all the Taiwanese clubbing girls in their super short skirts and skin tight clothing.  Girls in Asia definitely try to accentuate their legs more while girls in America stress their cleavage.  I just went straight from going to the market so I was just in a sundress and flats.  Hehehe.  Not very clubbing attire.  But oh well.  Anyway, going to the club just reaffirmed all my reasons for not liking them in the first place.  However, I’m glad I went so that I could experience it for my own eyes.  It was just so crowded and smoke filled and there was nothing very interesting going on.  People weren’t even dancing and were seriously just standing there, looking bored.  There were some pretty girls there but it was hard to tell how much of it was makeup and how much was natural.

However, there were some pretty funny moments.  Alex ended up going to the club too so I had someone to speak to in English.  I, not knowing what the heck was going on, just walked into a VIP area and sat there, watching a weird lipsynch show on stage.  No one said anything though so I just stood there watching all the people from above.  Also, because I started getting bored I started doing that thing where you poke people on the sides of their ribs just to see if anyone would react.  No one flinched though and I don’t think anyone noticed.  My favorite moment of the night was watching the three boys in front of me have SO much fun just by themselves.  They were jumping up and down and couldn’t care less what all the people around them were doing or thinking.

I left after only staying a little bit and got dropped off in front of my hostel.  There are some new people here so I got to meet a couple (the girl is Japanese and the boy is from France) right next door.  I have no idea how they got together and do not know them well yet but they’re here for a while so maybe I will learn more as the week progresses.  I do not plan on going to any more clubs and the rest of my Taiwan itinerary consists of eating and visiting museums and gardens.  Hope everyone is having fun!


§ 2 Responses to IKEA and Luxy

  • Caroline says:

    Yes. I agree with the club hopping. Not my cup of tea either. I guess since Asians don’t really have boobs, the next best thing to flaunt are the short, skinny legs.

    I suggest going to McDonalds in these foreign countries.

  • Laura says:

    Hey is your Mandarin improving?

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