My friend Andre

July 15, 2009 § 4 Comments

I have a friend named Andre back in the States and I just have to dedicate a post to him.  We go way back (I first encountered him in elementary school although we didn’t really become friends until high school) so I don’t take anything personally but he is still pretty audacious.

A couple days ago I called him and…

Joanna: Do you have any suggestions for me in Taiwan?
Andre (was in Taiwan for a week recently): No, I just mostly stayed in the countryside.  My family hardly went to Taipei.
Joanna: Nothing at all?
Andre:  The only time we went to Taipei was when my sister took professionally taken pictures.  You know, the glamour shot ones.
Joanna:  Oh, I know what you’re talking about.  A lot of people from Arcadia did that during high school.  Allan’s cousins have taken those too.
Andre:  Yeah! You should do it.  It’s way cheaper than doing it in the US and they’re supposed to be a lot better.
Joanna:  I want to see your sister’s pictures!  Send them to me!
Andre:  They don’t give you real pictures.  They make it into a book.
Joanna:  What’s the point of that?  You can’t even show anyone without lugging the book around.
Andre:  I don’t know.  It’s cool.  You should do it.
Joanna:  Nah, I don’t think I would like it.
Andre: All girls like getting dressed up with hair and makeup.  ARE YOU SAYING YOU’RE NOT A GIRL, JOANNA??
Joanna:  I AM A GIRL!  Just not a girl who wants to do that.
Andre:   Come on! Do it!  You can show your grand kids later and say, “I used to be so beautiful.”
Andre: Haha, yeah they do photoshop a lot.
Joanna:  Are you saying I need photoshop?
Andre:  Yes.
Joanna: I hate you.

Another conversation…
Andre:  Hey!  You updated about Din Tai Feng!
Joanna:  Yeah, I went there yesterday.
Andre:  How does it compare?  What was it like?
Joanna:   Uh.. did you read the post?
Andre: No.
Joanna: -_-  Go read it!

Haha.  Andre, you are free to defend yourself in the comments section.




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