July 16, 2009 § 4 Comments

Taipei is a clean city with an advanced sewage system and amazing public transportation accomodations so I cannot understand why there are so many darn cockroaches in this city!  I’m not afraid of them but I do dislike them being in my presence.  The first time I saw them on the street, I was intrigued rather than scared.  If I had seen that many cockroaches roaming along the streets in Berkeley I probably would have protested but since I was in a different country I just let it go and calmly walked among them.

HOWEVER, I draw the line at them joining me at the toilet or crawling on my bare skin.  BOTH of which happened today.  Today while walking around Shilin night market in flip flops, I felt something wet touch my BARE foot.  Thinking that I had kicked a puddle, I looked down only to discover a behemoth of a cockroach clinging on for dear life on the side of my flip flop, slobbering all over my big toe.  Disgusted and freaked out, I yelped and kicked that thing off as fast as I could.  Even after it was gone, I couldn’t help but shudder thinking at how it had actually touched me.

Then, later when I got back to the hostel I walked into the tiny, 1 foot by 1 foot (I am only slightly exaggerating) bathroom and was relieving myself when I saw something dark crawl on the wall less than one arms length from me.  Trying to stay calm, I lift the towel only to discover a cockroach staring back at me.  I slowly but deliberately got up and left.  I am a little paranoid now because they can crawl under doors and may end up in my suitcase.  If you are currently reading from a non-cockroach infested country, consider yourself very lucky.  Those little suckers are persistent and are notorious for their inability to die.

*just found out that the Taiwanese nickname for cockroaches is 小强. haha


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