Nara: Deer Day (D-Day..haha)

July 22, 2009 § 3 Comments

I was so excited for today’s experience and kept on telling Gomi that Nara would be the highlight of my Japan tour.  Last year I had seen a video of the deer at Nara on this website called and was excited to see them for myself.

In the morning I was disappointed to learn that $200 USD only converted to about 18000 Yen (ordinarily I would expect about 20000).  The American dollar has been dropping against the Japanese yen steadily for the past three years and I can only hope that the dollar stabilizes soon.  It’s crazy how much money I have been spending here despite my best attempts to live frugally.  However, much of my money has been going towards train tickets that total upwards of $350 USD.  It looks like Bank of America will get the better of me once again in ridiculous international ATM fees.  =(

Anyway, after converting some money and buying my train ticket to Tokyo for tomorrow, Gomi and I boarded the train for Nara.  On the way there, I made friends with a half Japanese-half Caucasian boy who looked about four years old.  He kept on looking at me and shaking his juice bottle so I took out my water bottle and shook it back at him.   He then took it as a sign of offering and took the water bottle from me and gave it to his mom.  Later, after his mom made him return the water, he ran up to me and gave me a hug.


Once we reached Nara I was so excited to see all the deer.  Even the signs were cute!


I got to pet, hug, and play with lots of deer. See!


sad because the deer left me

sad because the deer left me




find joanna!


so pretty!

Later when I bought some crackers for the deer (the lady was calling them “bambi cookie”), I had a very traumatic experience.


The deer started poking me with their noses and demanding the food even when I hid them in my bag.  Later when I unwrapped the crackers, they mobbed me and left me defenseless.  They nipped at my clothes and consequently bit my tummy region many times and pushed me around.  I was planning to ration the crackers for at least ten minutes but because of their shoving, I ended up throwing all the crackers at them within one minute.  One of the deer even ate the paper that originally wrapped the crackers.  The worst part of the experience was that one of the 200+ lb deer stepped on my partially covered foot.  It immediately left a mark and is currently a big blue and purple bruise.

Gomi and I had been planning to explore more of Nara but because of that experience and the dull throbbing pain in my foot, we decided to go back to Kyoto right away.  Once we got to Kyoto Gomi helped me feel better by procuring lots of delicious things to eat.  I first ate a matcha (I just found out today that I had been spelling it wrong this whole time) ice cream sundae.


After dinner I tried a milk tea Mcflurry for the first time!!


It was so yummy.  When I go to America I want to make more milk tea ice cream and eat it all.  Gomi said that they used to sell matcha flavored Mcflurries but I guess they don’t offer it anymore.  I didn’t go to any of the McDonalds in the other countries but because of this new discovery, I anticipate many more trips in Japan to get milk tea Mcflurries.

I suppose I should include a shout out to Annie and Miller.  Today Gomi and I Skyped with both parties and had fun indoors instead of doing more traveling outside.  I hope everyone is having fun and not getting stepped on by heavy deer!

P.S.  This post is dedicated to Allan because I think he looks like a deer.  =)


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