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I feel like everything in Japan is so cute!!  After sleeping in and then browsing the monthly flea market at Toji temple in Kyoto, Gomi and I departed for Osaka.  It was 540 yen one way (move decimal point two spots to the left to get the rough US conversion rate) and only took about 25 minutes.  After arriving in Osaka, the first thing we did was go to Loft.

Loft is a Japanese chain store similar to Target in the US.  They sell everything from household wares to toys.  Gomi wanted to take me to Loft after seeing my excitement at the 100 Yen store.  Oh!  I just realized that I forgot to mention the 100 Yen store yesterday!  It is synonymous to Dollar Tree or the 99 cent store in America.  I loved the 100 Yen store and bought lots of little snacks and trinkets for myself and friends.  I don’t want to go into too much detail on my blog because I don’t want to spoil the surprise but they are truly adorable.  Anyway, Gomi especially wanted to show me the cute bento making tools that Japanese moms use to make adorable lunchboxes for their children.  Here are some pictures of the ridiculously cute things at Loft:

Edamame bean character

Edamame bean character

Tools to leave a cartoon imprint on bread

Tools to leave a cartoon imprint on bread

King cup

King cup

mickey mouse shaped waffle maker

mickey mouse shaped waffle maker


After leaving Loft, Gomi and I ran into the cutest little couple ever.  They were short and stout and spoke with really strong Australian accents.  However, their visages were clearly Asian, most likely Chinese.  It was a little disconcerting to speak to Asians with such pronounced Australian accents.  They were visiting from Australia and were having some trouble finding the train station.  They were surprised at how good Gomi’s English was until she told them that she was from America. lol.

Since it was almost dark, we grabbed dinner at a restaurant inside an underground mall that served some yummy soba noodles with a bowl of rice, egg, and tuna sashimi.


After dinner we walked around all the stores and flashing lights.


I then got my precious macha ice cream for the day.

Gomi and her macha

Gomi and her macha

After finishing my macha soft serve, we saw a funny Turkish man selling Turkish ice cream and I had to try some.  He was kind of like a magician and did lots of tricks like pretend to give you the ice cream but only give you the cone.  He was really zany and very entertaining.  I got a chocolate cone and finished it in a matter of seconds.  Also, I am aware I am writing like a fourth grader right now but I don’t care. hehe..


When we got back to the Kyoto JR station, I told Gomi that I wanted to find our way home by myself.  I figured that I needed to start being more independent since I won’t have a guide in Tokyo during the day.  However, I had no clue which direction we had to go in so I asked a clerk in a nearby convenience store how to get to a certain temple because I knew how to get home from there.  Although I asked in Japanese I think he realized that my Japanese was very elementary and explained with a map and a few choice words in Japanese and English.  Luckily I was able to guide Gomi home after that encounter.  She was just smiling snarkily the whole time and told me that she wasn’t going to help me.  I told her to just wait until she goes to Korea!

Today we were really lucky in avoiding the rain.  It was pouring in the morning and currently it is also raining quite heavily.  I really hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow because we have an adventurous day planned that consists of a solar eclipse viewing and pretty deer.


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