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July 25, 2009 § 3 Comments

I can only post short updates for now because I’m not on my own computer.  The Japanese keyboard is really different in terms of where th:e puctuation marks are located.  It doesn’t help that I am typing on a super tiny keyboard. -_-

First night in Tokyo: I met up with Takeshi and Midori.  I met them while swing dancing in Korea.  They are so nice and such wonderful people.  Midori is the perfect Japanese wife.  More on that later.  They helped me buy a ticket for the Ghibli museum.  Apparently you have to make reservations in advance and purchase the ticket ahead of time at a Lawsons (convenience store chain in Japan)

First day in Tokyo: Walked around Shibuya (downtown Tokyo), visited the Ghibli museum, had dinner with lots of new people.  There were two girls visiting from Korea, three native Japanese, one American lawyer working in Korea, one exchange student from Korea, and one Philippino guy working in Japan.  Dinner was really fun and quite interesting.  There were multiple languages being spoken at every moment and it was really funny and random how the two people with the least ties to China (two Americans, one a Caucasian guy from Texas and a Korean-American from California) could speak Mandarin to each other and made jokes throughout the night in Mandarin.

Second day: Dropped off my bags at Ueno.  Was really stupid and wasted $5 in the process (it costs $5 per night to leave the bag there and I had to pay twice because I realized I forgot to get something from my bag after I had already locked it).  Then visited places I forgot the name to.  Hehe… all I remember is that there was a big cartoon character and a mall.  After that, went to a gathering of mostly swing dancers to view fireworks on the rooftop.  The party was cool and I got to meet lots and lots of new people. Everyone from dinner yesterday also came.  Everyone was so nice and even though I should have been the one buying things for people, I got a lot of presents.  One I am still a little in shock about is a yukata (summer kimono) that I received from a really nice lady I met today.  More on that later as well. 

Tomorrow:  The plan is to visit Harajuku, Yoyogi, Shinjuku, and wherever else the other Korean girls want to go to.  Then at night we are going swing dancing. 

Okay, bye!


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