Odaiba and Hanabe (Fireworks) Festival!

July 29, 2009 § 1 Comment

I still don’t remember the name of this thing:

IMG_3446..but I went to go see it anyway.  The guys really wanted to see this and I must admit, it was pretty amazing.  It is a limited exhibition of a HUGE action figure in one of the most prominent areas within Tokyo.

IMG_3452Afterwards we (Shinya, Takeshi, Midori, Tetsuo, Joya unni, Yeoshin unni and I) went to Tetsuo’s house for the fireworks festival!  Most of the people were native Japanese but they were all really nice.  There was definitely a language barrier but everyone was able to understand each other for the most part.  I have to say, my Japanese has definitely improved after being in Tokyo and spending more time with native Tokyo-ites.  It’s still not even close to conversational but I am able to understand a lot more and say more things when I’m with them.  It’s weird though.  When I am with someone who speaks English, all my Japanese goes down the drain.  I have to be around Japanese people speaking constant Japanese to regain my one semester of learning.

After hanging out and chatting, we all went on the rooftop to view the fireworks.  Midori and Yuko put me in my first yukata (summer kimono).  It was very complicated and I doubt I could replicate the process.  Midori lent me her black, formal yukata.  Even though it was a warm night, there was a nice breeze to keep me comfortable.

IMG_3558IMG_3525I love fireworks.  If I had the skills, I would be a firework designer.  It must be painful though to see all your hard work dissipate in the sky after only a few seconds of enjoyment.  I like taking videos of fireworks because I can watch them over and over again.


§ One Response to Odaiba and Hanabe (Fireworks) Festival!

  • Anjul says:

    ❤ the Yukata! I am so glad they took my suggestion seriously. I will eventually (hopefully) be able to give you context =)

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