July 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

I couchsurfed!  After exchanging several messages with a young married couple I came into contact with while I was in Taiwan, I decided to spend my last two nights at their place instead of a hostel.  I was very careful and had a backup plan in case I felt like it was not a good idea.  However, I have to say.  Brian and Eunice were the perfect hosts.  My first couchsurfing experience could not have gone better.

Eunice is a Chinese-Malaysian who grew up in Taiwan and Brian is half Panamanian (I don’t know the other half) from Delaware.  They were so cute and nice and did everything to make me comfortable.  I got my own room, a nice futon, and Brian even let me use his laptop while I was there.  They gave me a key, maps, and a bike too!  I really did not expect them to be so generous.  I knew that they would be nice (from their profile and our e-mail exchanges) but I did not know they would go to that degree to welcome me.

I now know how they felt when they said that the reason they wanted to host was because they had such a great experience surfing themselves.  Even though I was hesitant at first, I’m so glad and thankful that I met people like Brian and Eunice.  Although I don’t know if I’ll do much couch surfing in the future, I now am open to hosting a nice person and helping them fall in love with the Berkeley I’ve come to love and adore.


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