Bay Area Summers

August 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

I firmly believe that the bay area has the best summer weather in the world.  The days are sunny but cool and you get a nice mix of sunshiny goodness and cool northern californian breeze.

In other news… I went back to UC Berkeley for the first time since I graduated more than two months ago.  It was nice to see the usual haunts and walk the path I used to take from campus to my old apartment.  It has only been two months yet I’m already longing for my undergraduate days where income materialized through a mysterious process in which money magically appeared in my bank account as a gift (that I would later need to return with interest) by the federal government.  It has been a headache negotiating my salary with the professor I’m working with, in part because we are both too nice and there is limited money for the project.  I’m sick and tired of waiting for a definite answer yet I understand the struggles a nonprofit goes through too well to complain.   I keep on telling myself that it’s okay and that I can use the extra time to study for the  GRE or work on other projects but I underestimated my amazing ability to spend time on more trivial activities.  Hopefully tomorrow I can buckle down and really make some progress. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


§ 2 Responses to Bay Area Summers

  • Laura says:

    Having worked for many non-profits in different genres, I will never work for one again. It’s disgusting how blatantly staff/orgs waste money that’s been handed over to them by well meaning organizations/individuals.

    Negotiate negotiate negotiate! Your time is worth a lot of money. Also, look for other jobs. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Anjul says:

    I’d suggest investing some effort regularly towards finding a normal job (non-profit, non-academic). The formula I have often recommended is sending one nice application each weekday. By “nice” I mean a resume + a cover letter that shows you have paid attention to the specific advertisement and *candidly* describes why you think you would be a good fit. You could expect one follow-up each week, one interview every alternate week, and one decent job offer a month. And a huge amount of learning and experience that will last a lifetime (by way of interviewing skills, writing skills, and resume-polishing).

    Going all-out might not be worth it in such a bad economy.

    Here’s a good article I read long ago on negotiation:

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