Pretentious academics

August 6, 2009 § 1 Comment

Today one of the professors I have to work with (who shall remain nameless) made a comment on how ridiculous some blogs were.  We were on the topic of blogs because he was pushing for an academic blog to be a part of the new project website that would consist of human rights related postings.  Ideally the experts in the field would be posting, commenting, etc.  Anyway, his example of a useless, ridiculous blog post was, “so today I chose to go with the nutty peanut butter…”

Right after he gave that example my mind raced as I mentally reviewed my past blog posts.  And yes, I certainly have written the same types of posts he was demeaning.  I then became fairly indignant and vowed to never become a pretentious academic.

What’s so wrong about posting about ones preferences and daily occurrences?  Is a blog about babies not as meaningful as a blog about politics?  The most popular blogs are ones that appeal to mass audiences, not specialized blogs with tons of pedantic jargon.  I still cringe thinking about his tone of mockery as he made that comment.

Why is it so common that people with prestigious academic pedigrees think that it is okay to belittle others without the same degrees and experiences?  His attitude makes me wonder if I really fit into the fabric of academia.  That alone is not enough to deter me but often times I feel like a fraud because I don’t let one subject consume my life like the rest of the people I work with.  Yes I have an interest in human rights but I will not force it into every conversation I have, argue my views with people I hardly know, and spend all my free time reading about the topic.

Working in nonprofit has made me realize how much I value my freedom.  I’m pretty sure I will end up starting my own business (no matter how small) just so I can have that freedom.  As for when, we’ll see.  But until then, feel free to commiserate with me.  =)


§ One Response to Pretentious academics

  • Anjul says:

    He should realize how silly his statement is if he substituted “book” for “blog”. He’d be saying there should be only research books and no fiction novels.

    It reminded me of my own “nutty peanut butter” blog from long ago: — I’m glad xanga’s still around.

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