Behold the Internet

August 27, 2009 § 2 Comments

The Internet is such a fascinating but terrifying place.  After googling myself I was horrified to discover that both my personal e-mail addresses can be found online.  Facebook also shows much more information than I had imagined, although there are now more personalized privacy settings available. I suppose that I am somewhat lucky though and can more easily hide from cyber stalkers due to my ubiquitous surname.

After starting to learn more about the internet, it is even more terrifying to discover all the information that is floating around for crazy people to take.  Allan likens the Internet to the Wild Wild West due to its chaotic nature and lack of structure.  Nothing is secure and Big Brother is always watching.

That said, computer programming is such an amazing and useful skill to have.  I’ve started to learn the basics simply for enrichment purposes but also because I find it fascinating.  I predict that competent programmers will not have to worry about job security for the next 50 years.  However, programming in general is an evolving field and any decent programmer will always be learning and adapting to the new times.  Although I don’t envision myself becoming a real programmer I would one day like to have the skill set to facilitate achievements in my chosen career.


§ 2 Responses to Behold the Internet

  • Anjul says:

    Here’s an excellent programming exercise that will lead you straight to the essence of a programmer’s skill.

    Write a program that. given a list of words, tells you which of them are anagrams of each other.

    First try figure out the method by hand on paper, no actual programming needed. And of course don’t let Allan give it away, but you can have him verify your approach / direction. For example, it should list out the two sets of two anagrams from the following:


  • L says:

    This is exactly why I google myself every few months and my public profiles are all limited and have false info so I can’t be properly id’d.

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