Gaining Weight

August 30, 2009 § 1 Comment

Whenever I see an old high school friend who has gained a significant amount of weight, I always wonder if they are aware of their change in appearance.  I honestly cannot tell just by looking in the mirror and since I don’t own a scale and can fit into pretty much the same clothes, I just assumed that I hadn’t gained weight.  However, while looking back on past pictures there is a definite change in my face, at the very least.  Losing muscle mass definitely changes your appearance even though you technically aren’t gaining weight.

It was a little surprising to me but I think it’s just part of life.  Even if I dieted I doubt my appearance would change to what it was in high school and honestly, people’s bodies are not meant to stay in their 15 year old forms.  For me, that initial shock really resonates within me whenever I see a person from my past.  However, it fades in a matter of minutes.  I think it’s better received (theoretically through social psychology)   to go from chubby to normal than really skinny to normal…no matter how emaciated you first were.


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  • Jason says:

    I noticed this the other day. I ripped off my shirt expecting my wife to be impressed and she said these dreadful words, “Oh man we need to get to the gym!” Ouch.

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