My sister

September 1, 2009 § 5 Comments

Many people are surprised I have siblings (or parents apparently), because I rarely talk about them.  In my defense, if the most exciting thing in your life is something about another family member, you probably don’t have all that much going for you.

But nonetheless, I WILL talk about my sister today.  I was reading her blog and I just had to share it with my readers (hope that’s okay sis! if not… ooops).   She is just one of those larger than life personalities and is effing hilarious.

I want to share a little bit of her most recent blog post because I find it particularly hilarious.  To give you a little bit of background, my mother and her friend are committed to converting my sister to Christianty.  Looks are deceiving and they do not appear to be the tenacious Korean moms they are.  I mean, they look like Korean moms but more like the saintly, really religious kind.

Look at that smile on my mom's face as I cry my lungs out.  My sister could care less. -_-

Look at that smile on my mom's face as I cry my lungs out. My sister could care less. -_-

Anyway, my sister wrote about her experience today morning as a parody of the Real Housewives of Orange County.  Here it is:

Excerpt from

“Dear Diary,

This morning I woke up and went to the gym and walked on a treadmill. Treadmill says I burnt 400 calories. Well Diary, I inhale about double that with each meal that goes in my mouth. What am I going to do? I guess I should eat this donut while I think about it. smirk smirk smirk


Greeting minions! It’s back to the grind. As soon as I walked back in the house, the God talk began. It’s the same method they’ve been using prior to my trip but this time, it’s more comedic than rage inducing. Here’s a glimpse of my life for those of you who think I get to gallivant around Santa Clarita like an OC house wife. (I get to be Jo the pretty one.)

Scene from this morning:

L: Enter stage left as a beautiful sweaty endorphin filled mess.

Aunt: “Where were you? We were waiting for you to eat but you didn’t come so we began without you.”

Punch of guilt, served.

Note that nowhere in this scene did I ask for a dining audience nor was I informed that my attendance was mandatory. I am a lone wolf.

Mama L: “What time did you leave? I didn’t even hear you.”

Reprimand to follow up guilt, served. Touche mamasan, touche.

L: smile charmingly and sit down. Make some off hand comment about how good it feels to exercise in the morning.

L: eat, participate in superficial conversation about food, weight, trip, etc.

Let the madness begin.

Mama L: “When I applied to the ______ (county job she has now) the paperwork was this thick” pantomime inch thick pinch, “When I first saw it I thought, I’m not going to get the job! They wanted everything: divorce papers, bankruptcy, smog check (I may have misunderstood that one), etc. But then God was with me and it wasn’t stressful going from place to place to get my papers.”

Aunt: “That’s because when God is with you, you can do anything with him there by your side.”

Mama L: “It’s like the people I work with. So many have quit since I began but I’m still there because I have God.”

Aunt: “That’s the problem with people today, they think they can do things on their own.”

Direct punch at L served a la mode.

Aunt: “Everybody wants to push God away year after year and do everything in their lives alone. They think they can handle it when they’re always going to fail.”

Punch punch

L: exits stage left, returns with laundry, sidles upstairs, begins Bejeweled Blitz before endorphins wear off.

God talk continues at a higher decibel for L’s benefit.

Bienvenidos a mi vida!!!”

Ah, don’t you just love her?  lol.  My sister and my cousin also had another short-lived blog that chronicled their recent trip to Seattle.  Here it is in case you’re interested.

I have yet to read the most recent entries but it’s a series of different perspectives on the car crash they got into on the way home.  I can’t wait to read it.  LOVE YOU!


§ 5 Responses to My sister

  • Laura says:

    It’s funny. Nobody thinks I have siblings either. They always assume I’m alone and once they find out I’m the middle then they all say some bullshit about how I have middle child syndrome.

    People please, we’re social creatures. We all need attention to survive. LOL

  • Anjul says:

    I regret missing your graduation dinner because I could have met your sister in real life.

    This post begs the question whether there is a similar commitment to convert you or whether you are already there?

  • Laura says:

    Lil Jo is next. I am currently under attack because I am in close proximity.

  • Caroline says:

    We “have” a blog that chronicles the very short road trip we had. And man Joanna, did you know I’m no longer allowed to hang out with L because I’m unholy…?

  • Anjul says:

    I wonder if I should soften up Lil Jo for her turn, or should I immunize her. The former is more entertaining but scary if it actually works. Wait, she *did* want to be a nun — better late than never, huh? Wait, isn’t it “too late” already!? or was that from another era? Hmmm…

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