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September 4, 2009 § 4 Comments

It was the first time a commercial brought me to tears.  Yes, yes, some parts were over exaggerated but on the whole, a pretty touching commercial, no?  Hehe, I love how you don’t know what the heck the product is until the end.  But it is pretty inspirational.


§ 4 Responses to Watch this

  • L says:

    Uhm.. this made me cry too…Putting it on my blog!!!

  • Caroline says:

    Really? It didn’t make me cry, but then again I stopped watching it after the man started hollering @ the girl. Let me watch the whole thing.

  • Caroline says:

    OK I watched it. I didn’t cry. It was really beautiful cinematography. Watching it makes me want to learn how to capture moving picture and editing. Was that the point of the video? Did I miss the purpose of thsi video? I dont like how Asians play on emotions. But man, that cinematography si aw3ee3333some3

  • Anjul says:

    I found parts of it touching; emphasis on parts. Unfortunately I have been immunized by Bollywood melodrama which immediately gets my skeptic on. For instance, it’s fairly common to be put down, but few real-life adversaries are as ruthless as the girl and other people who put her down (breaking the violin, etc.). It paints a rather black-and-white “good-and-evil” one-dimensional view which does not match reality.

    If you are not exposed to it, they make for powerful tear-jerkers, but watch enough Bollywood and you’ll soon start questioning the very premise.

    Actually, if it were to be remade, it would be a lot more convincing if the deaf girl were playing the piano?

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