Random Mashup

September 5, 2009 § 3 Comments

I got REALLY frustrated looking for parking near UC Berkeley the other day.  It’s impossible!!  I borrowed a car thinking it would be faster but instead I wasted 4o minutes driving around and missed the lecture I wanted to sit in on.  -_-

Therefore, I consoled myself with this:

Cherry cheesecake from Nations

Cherry cheesecake from Nations

Muahahaha!  I also bought a whole banana creme pie to go and ate that later the same day. Hehe. You only live once right?  =)

Anyway, I also wanted to show you the bruise I got from rock climbing the other day:

Bruise under my left knee

Bruise under my left knee

Awesome blossom.  I actually don’t mind bruises.  I get a lot of satisfaction from rubbing them so that they go away faster.  My mom always did that when I was younger and I still firmly believe that if you rub a bruise continuously, it will go away faster.

Last but not least, I realized that I am weirdly fascinated by really gross things.  For example, I just saw a video on Facebook of some woman popping a man’s boil and squeezing all the pus and blood out.  It was interesting.  I would post it here but you can’t embed Facebook videos and plus I don’t think my three readers would appreciate that.  =D


§ 3 Responses to Random Mashup

  • Anjul says:

    Last month, the American Heart Association released new guidelines that women should eat no more than 25gms of “added sugar” per day (men, 37.5gms). “Added sugar” excludes naturally present sugars, so fruits don’t count. But the sugar in manufactured food such as sodas, pies, crepes, donuts, etc., does count. Brown sugar / molasses / regular sugar DOES count as well as the high fructose corn syrup kind of stuff.

    I. e. sugar is bad beyond 25gms/day regardless of whether it is the brown natural organic kind or the regular/corn kind.

  • pauline says:

    DUDE! ive seen that video. its an old one where they didnt use anesthesia right? and they scoop out the pus onto a spoon before the lady digs in to get the sack? haha. you should watch the bot fly video, its SOOO KNARLLLYYYY! but i too, like watching gross things. theyre interesting and i guess if i want to be a nurse i have to be less squeamish…check it out. haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23eimVLAQ2c

  • L says:

    I want to watch the video. Put pas on your bruise.

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