Clarification about “Michael Scott” Post

September 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

Oh my dear clueless commentors (L and C),

It sounds fun-NY, not fun.  Have you ever seen the expressions on Jim, Phyllis, Stanley, etc.’s faces?  But of course my boss is not exactly like Michael Scott, that would be uncanny.  That one line post was mainly referring to both their desires to be considered so culturally aware that they often miss the mark and come off as culturally oblivious.  Both bosses take such pride in the fact that they know people of different ethnicities and cultures.  I would not feel okay divulging exact instances of my boss but I can talk about Michael Scott.  It’s the little things like when he speaks to Oscar in short, choppy, phrases in Spanish.  It’s when Michael says things to Kelly like she is so lucky to work considering the rest of her people (in India) are starving.  Oh, and so much more.  In the real world those things are not nearly as comedic as they look on television.  I am by no means saying that my boss is a bigot.  But enough online discussion for this.  I will save the rest for private conversations.


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