Tana AND Violeta

September 19, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’m pet-sitting again and this time I have two little trouble makers: Tana and Violeta.





Tana is the princess poodle I described last time and Violeta is truly one of a kind.  I actually took care of Violeta last time too (same owners) but she stayed in the owner’s apartment and I just fed and played with her every so often.  However, she seemed so lonely last time so I decided to bring both of them over for playtime.

By the way, I was supposed to be studying like a madwoman tonight but instead spent the last three hours playing with them and taking pictures and videos. =D

Anyway, I think they are adorable but I do not like how Violeta keeps on trying to eat my babies.  I have some plants that I have been raising for the past couple years and they are very special to me.  Especially since I just revived them from the drought Allan brought unto them while I was traveling.  But stubborn Violeta has decided that they are her minions, only there to entertain her, and keeps on chewing on them.

IMG_4065At first I yelled at her but there was no point.

acting all innocent

acting all innocent

I know these two will make my life a lot more interesting in the coming week.


§ One Response to Tana AND Violeta

  • Caroline says:

    Aww. Violeta is ador-a-ble! And I should be studying too. You and your stupid blog keeping me away from my books! I want a cat!! And I love plants! And are you getting paid to pet-sit? Did you put up an ad or something? Why are you the go-to petsitter of Oakland?

    (BTDUB, like your new layout much better. easier on the ojos, yakno)

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