Bamboo Lota is a Mover and Changer!

October 31, 2009 § 4 Comments

Bamboo Lota is going places!

New York to be exact. 

A couple weeks ago Bamboo Lota entered another contest called Movers and Changers ( sponsored by mtvU and NYSE Euronext.  It was a contest for student entrepreneurs interested in social change to submit not only their ideas, but comprehensive plans with a clear revenue producing model.  To prepare for this contest the Bamboo Lota team spent countless hours reformatting our business plan and creating more accurate estimates of financial projections and what not.  Well, I guess it paid off because we were selected as one of three finalists to travel to New York and present our business plan to a panel of judges (winner gets $25,000).  MTV is also producing a show based on this contest and the first episode airs November 16th. 

I was hesitant to tell many people about this new development because I wanted to make sure it would really happen before spreading the news.  However, enough time and correspondence has passed between our team and MTV to lead me to believe that it will indeed happen.  SO EXCITING!  A producer from MTV is flying in next week to interview us about the plan.  I haven’t been to New York in so long so to be able to go now and participate in Entrepreneurship Week is going to be so amazing.  The winner also gets to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.  Yipee!

I’ll update you as news comes along.  Although it would be nice to win, at this point I’m just so grateful that the effort is going forward and not becoming stagnant like so many other of my ideas.


I Saw PT!

October 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

If you follow you know who PT is.  And you are undoubtedly familiar with the hilarious anecdotes that accompany his frequent mentions.

Today, I finally got to meet him.

To be honest, it was anticlimactic.  L kept his identity and appearance such a secret from her blog viewers that I think I built him up in my head to be this amazing, person with a consistently hilarious relationship with L.  They did have their moments while I visited but for the most part, there was little interaction between the two.  I’m curious to see with C and M’s opinions will be after they meet him.  I told L he looked like a typical frat …man and that I thought I could be a personal trainer (after observing him for thirty minutes).  However, I’m sure being a personal trainer entails much more than having people jump around and standing next to them while they run on a treadmill.  I always thought PTs in general had to have more energy and would get really excited to motivate the people working out but he was very mellow.

L plans to switch to another personal “more scary” PT next week so I’m curious to see what tales of adventure we will read next.


Honest Children on Reddit

October 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’ve raved about Reddit before but I just had to share the most hilarious thread.

The topic: The most hilarious thing you’ve heard from a child

My favorites:

“Having coffee after dinner one night, my grandfather asked for a refill with his oft-used joke ‘Gee, this coffee cup must have a hole in it.’

My brother, all of two years old at the time, looked at him quizzically and said ‘How else would you get the coffee in?'”


“My 4 year old son asked why this ladies belly was so fat. I told him it was because she has a baby in her stomach(she was preggers).

The next day he asked our neighbor why she had a baby in her butt…….

I did not want to explain to her why he said that.”


“Years and years ago, I was sitting in a Burger King smoking a cigarette and exhaling through my nose. It had been a terrible day and I’m sure that the expression on my face was reflecting my mood. A little kid across the restaurant pointed at me and loudly asked his mother, ‘Mommy, is that man the devil?'”



October 21, 2009 § 1 Comment

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I apologize for the lack of updates but I have to admit, I lost my motivation to update for a while.  And although I cannot directly attribute the lapse of posts to a single event, I am quite certain it had to do with my disappointing first “real job” experience.

That said, I have many updates.

  1. I left my non-profit job and instead of going to the office, am working as an independent contractor.  This is better in so many ways.
  2. I am working as a marketing consultant.
  3. I am looking for an exciting, inspiring, full-time position where I can learn lots of new skills and help!
  4. Bamboo Lota finished fifth overall in the Africa Rural Connect contest and is still in the fourth round of the contest (currently sitting in third place).
  5. Bamboo Lota has a newly formatted business plan!  Contact me if you want to see it.  It still needs a lot of work but it is a huge improvement from the original version.
  6. Bamboo Lota entered a new social venture contest (this one does not require votes).  Wish us luck!
  7. I am Facebook friends with two of the actors from Glee!

I also plan to post updates on:

  • Fort Funston and Ike’s Place
  • My new project (Link/Halloween)
  • Friends in the real world
  • David becoming a good person

Random Acts of Kindness

October 14, 2009 § 6 Comments

About five years ago, I watched the movie Pay it Forward.  I don’t remember the details but I do remember thinking that it was a really sweet movie and that more people should do random acts of kindness and pay it forward.  And although it was not a novel idea, the movie was nice because it allowed viewers to see the potential full circle effect of one random act of kindness.

Today while I was waiting for the BART, a lady was on the phone crying a few feet away from where I was sitting.  I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but she was the only one talking in the station.  It sounded like her father was in the process of finding out if he had cancer or not and she was visibly upset, talking to either a friend or sibling.

I realized in that moment that I am like a sponge when it comes to emotions.  I don’t display any change in my exterior but my heart felt heavier as I listened to her plight.  Moments earlier I had been happy and carefree, observing a cute mixed boy enjoy his ice cream (his parents were very loving).

Anyway, after sitting there and not doing anything for a few minutes, I gathered up my courage and offered her a new pack of tissue I had in my bag that I had been saving (it was from Japan).  It was intimidating because you never know how people will react when they are upset and I didn’t want her to feel like I was intruding on her personal moment.

She took the tissues with a thank-you and I as I boarded the BART I was happy to see that she was using them (she had previously been using her coat sleeve to wipe her tears).  My heart felt lighter as I watched her switch trains.

It was then that I decided that I would start logging my random acts of kindness.  Any acts given or received will be noted in this blog.  There are rules though.  It really has to be random.  Meaning, I cannot know the person I am interacting with.  It has to be a stranger.  And, it can’t be somewhere like a homeless shelter or something.  It has to be an isolated event that can truly be classified as random.  If you have any random acts of kindness (given or received) please feel free to share!


Bejeweled Blitz

October 13, 2009 § 2 Comments

I have an inherent “discovery” tardiness.

That said, my obsession for the day is Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  My sister and cousin have been playing it religiously (as seen by their 300,000+ scores) but today was my first time.  It was fun at first but soon grew to become an evil, parasitic application that would not release me from its dramatic yet thoroughly enjoyable sound effects and sparkly visuals.  After playing for two straight hours I was consumed by the desire for a ringpop.

The only other time I played Bejeweled was on a friend’s smart phone.  I have friends who are in the video game/facebook/iphone app programming industry and I think they could learn a thing or two from Bejewled Blitz.

First, the corny but euphonic sound effects.  Yes, the lighting sound effect is a little overdone but when I finally break that star gem, I want a result worthy of a bad Hollywood film!  Which brings us to the visuals.  The visual effects are reminiscent of what games looked like ten years ago.  But they work.  And the makers of the game probably saved a lot of money by using those visuals as opposed to creating, new, more realistic effects.

Third, and most importantly, it’s simple.  The instructions are very straightforward and any person with decent motor skills can play.  Of course, if you want to become a high scorer, dexterity and your brain come in to play, but most people won’t spend the time to become 300,000+ scorers (Unless your name starts with L and ends in aura).

One of my other favorite gaming sites is  I was a frequent visitor when it was (I used to play it endlessly when I was recovering from my wisdom tooth surgery about a year ago) but now I only go once in a while to play the new, and sub-par version of Blockles.  There are a lot of other good sites out there but seeing as I should at least keep up the semblance of a productive life, I will stop my recommendations here.  Feel free to list your favorites so I can visit them tomorr.. I mean, when I get a break from my busy, busy life.  =)

Back Pain

October 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

It’s 4:00am and I’m not a happy camper.

I had a pretty good/productive day: meeting with the staff members of Kollaboration SF (We’re looking for more people to help out btw, if you’re interested. For more info go to and leave a comment on my blog letting me know and I will get back to you), catching up with an old college friend, and eating good Korean food.  However, after getting home at around 10:30pm, the right, mid-region of my back started hurting acutely.  I have no idea why and it is driving me insane!  I Web-MD’d it with no luck.  It’s the mid region and not the lower back (the more common form of back pain) and I’m pretty sure it’s not a herniated disk.  I always knew my body would give some day due to my fun, but reckless years in colorguard, swing, and dance, but I didn’t expect it to start this soon!

On a random note, I discovered that so many people I know have blogs now.  Most of them are generic-themed and contain daily postings about their life.  It was a little weird reading people’s blogs who I never talk to anymore in person.  Hehe.  The internet makes it so easy to stalk, it’s scary.  But is it even stalking anymore?  People are putting out this content for the world to see so its such a fuzzy line.  OH!  And did you ever realize that detectives are just stalkers that get paid?

I always thought I would make a very good detective.  Which in this case, I guess is synonymous with stalker.  Or CIA agent.  Take your pick.  Sydney Bristow (Alias) just made it look so awesome.

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