Bamboo Lota and the Peace Corps Contest

October 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just spent the last seven hours working on the “perfect” ask letter to post on my Facebook, blog, and e-mail to various people but I have concluded that there is no such thing.  It is so hard and downright frustrating trying to address everyone’s concerns and issues with the letter while still trying to convey the right tone and sentiment.  I can’t blame anyone but myself though because I voluntarily approached people and asked them to give me feedback.  All of it was valuable but the frustration comes in trying to aggregate all the opinions and create a happy medium.  I know I should probably take a break but considering this contest closes in 13 days and we need to get over 300 endorsements if we want to win, I need to publish this asap.  I’m not even close to finishing the “ask” letter but at this point, I don’t even want to look at it.  Why is it so complicated to ask people to take a look at your venture and vote for it?  Am I just being ridiculously introspective and looking at things with a magnifier when I should be focusing on big picture?  Gah, I don’t even know anymore.

Haha, this was a terrible intro to this project BUT if you want to find out more about what is making me so heated and why I need to perfect this letter and make it the most effective, go here:

And endorse please.

Thank you.


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