Back Pain

October 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

It’s 4:00am and I’m not a happy camper.

I had a pretty good/productive day: meeting with the staff members of Kollaboration SF (We’re looking for more people to help out btw, if you’re interested. For more info go to and leave a comment on my blog letting me know and I will get back to you), catching up with an old college friend, and eating good Korean food.  However, after getting home at around 10:30pm, the right, mid-region of my back started hurting acutely.  I have no idea why and it is driving me insane!  I Web-MD’d it with no luck.  It’s the mid region and not the lower back (the more common form of back pain) and I’m pretty sure it’s not a herniated disk.  I always knew my body would give some day due to my fun, but reckless years in colorguard, swing, and dance, but I didn’t expect it to start this soon!

On a random note, I discovered that so many people I know have blogs now.  Most of them are generic-themed and contain daily postings about their life.  It was a little weird reading people’s blogs who I never talk to anymore in person.  Hehe.  The internet makes it so easy to stalk, it’s scary.  But is it even stalking anymore?  People are putting out this content for the world to see so its such a fuzzy line.  OH!  And did you ever realize that detectives are just stalkers that get paid?

I always thought I would make a very good detective.  Which in this case, I guess is synonymous with stalker.  Or CIA agent.  Take your pick.  Sydney Bristow (Alias) just made it look so awesome.


§ One Response to Back Pain

  • Caroline says:

    I think it’d be so fun to be a PI. I think I’d be good. And I love forensic science..

    I think it’s funny how when you’re young and you hear older folks talking about how their back hurts and leg hurts and begging for a massage and not understanding it. Oh boy, the tides have turned.. I want a massage.

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