I Saw PT!

October 28, 2009 § 1 Comment

If you follow kimchiraw.blogspot.com you know who PT is.  And you are undoubtedly familiar with the hilarious anecdotes that accompany his frequent mentions.

Today, I finally got to meet him.

To be honest, it was anticlimactic.  L kept his identity and appearance such a secret from her blog viewers that I think I built him up in my head to be this amazing, person with a consistently hilarious relationship with L.  They did have their moments while I visited but for the most part, there was little interaction between the two.  I’m curious to see with C and M’s opinions will be after they meet him.  I told L he looked like a typical frat …man and that I thought I could be a personal trainer (after observing him for thirty minutes).  However, I’m sure being a personal trainer entails much more than having people jump around and standing next to them while they run on a treadmill.  I always thought PTs in general had to have more energy and would get really excited to motivate the people working out but he was very mellow.

L plans to switch to another personal “more scary” PT next week so I’m curious to see what tales of adventure we will read next.



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