Modern Family

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A must watch.


My New Friend Bill

November 26, 2009 § 3 Comments

My lovely cousin got me sick so the last couple days have been spent sweating and shivering while my white blood cells duke it out with the virus.  However, that did free up some of my non-sleeping time to spend some time with my friend Bill.  Bill Clinton that is. =D

Now, my sister and cousin get so annoyed when I do that (refer to famous people as if they were my real friends) but I think it’s nice.  What can I say, I make new friends easily. =) Anyway, I’ve been reading his autobiography and even though I haven’t even gotten past the first few chapters, I’ve already learned so much about him.

First of all, he is old! It was quite shocking to hear him talk about how his school was segregated and how he was the only white kid in his neighborhood that played with the black kids.  His upbringing was so drastically different than mine, simply in terms of the time period we were raised in.

Second, his family had some serious ups and downs while he was growing up.  The story that most resonated with me was when he mentioned how his step father shot a gun at the wall in between Bill and his mother while the stepfather was in a drunken rage.

Third, Clinton is actually his stepfather’s surname and not his birth father’s real name.  Did you know that?  I could go on and on.  =)

Ringing the New York Stock Exchange Bell

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It was fun.

Calvin Klein Pants

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I’m sad I haven’t had time to recap the New York trip but in a way it’s a good thing because I can’t really talk about anything until after the episodes air.  So… I will post an update on something else.


Now before you judge me as “one of those” girls, please note that I’ve been wearing the same pants for the last six years. It was about time I got new dress pants.

It all started because I had to play tour guide for the last couple days.  Admittedly I was not a very good one, but I was a tour guide nonetheless.  Some of my accomplishments include getting us miserably lost on the way to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, forcing us to walk up and down steep San Franciscan hills; accidentally walking into a “cookie” store in the Castro and seeing baked goods arranged in the shape of male anatomy parts;  and trying to walk through a bus.  Yeah, you read correctly.  Through.

There were some good moments though.  I took my sister and cousin to Ike’s Place where we got amazing sandwiches.  So far I’ve tried “Menage a Trois” and “Name of Girl I’m Dating.” Both highly recommended.  Afterwards we went to Golden Gate Park and played in a children’s park.  There was a sign specifically saying that adults without children were not allowed to enter but we went in anyway.  I guess it was karma when a little boy yelled at me, telling me that I was going to break the rope jungle gym.  Gosh, so rude.  lol

Afterwards we went shopping.  I don’t think we were originally planning to go to Union Square that day but it was so cold and my sister needed a scarf so we decided to look around.  My legs got tired after an hour or so but I was forced to follow my sister and cousin around as they slowly perused the stores.  I had been looking for a good pair of dress pants when I found a pair that fit okay, were on sale, and made of sturdy fabric (from Banana Republic).  It was still kind of expensive but my sister convinced me that I wasn’t going to find a good pair of dress pants for cheaper.  BOY WAS SHE WRONG!

(Here begins my Calvin Klein panegyric!)

I never went into a CK store before because I just assumed that I couldn’t afford it.  I also always heard stories about how they marked up simple white t-shirts to $20 without any difference in style or quality.  But I soon discovered…

Their pants are amazing!  The fabric is nice and soft and stretchy, the colors are nice, and best of all, they are so comfortable!  Oh, and they look good.  Calvin Klein regularly has their items 30% off and offers great deals to returning customers (I am now officially a convert).  While I don’t see myself going there to buy everyday items, I definitely see myself going back for all my dress pants needs.  While other stores’ dress pants look really bunchy at the crotch and don’t flatter the lower body at all, CK pants (I like the Riley cut), actually manage to stay fitted while still looking professional.

Right after purchasing my 30% off CK dress pants, I immediately went back and returned my Banana Republic pants.  There was just no way BR could compete in terms of dress pants.  The CK pants were still a bit pricey, even with the discount, but it was worth it.  I had been looking for a good pair of dress pants for about a year now, to no avail.  I really felt like my eyes were opened to this new wondrous world of nice dress pants that actually fit me.  That epiphany made my day.

Now, if only I could find good, comfortable, and cute dress shoes…

Movers and Changers, Episode 1

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I just got back from New York a couple hours ago.  I’m too exhausted to post a real update but I can leave you with the first episode of MTVU’s show, Movers and Changers!

Video on top right panel:

I think Team Safe Snip wins in terms of, “most potential to become models.”  The producers told us to pose in a “formidable manner” but I want to say that Bamboo Lota failed at that.  We look like little kids trying to look serious.  lol.  Enjoy!


Starting a Business

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Starting a business is hard.

Starting a business in a country you’ve never been to, in a culture you’ve never experienced, with no money… well, might as well give up now.  Right?


I have to say, it is quite tempting to give up sometimes.  Especially when the numbers don’t line up.  But this past week with all the constructive criticism that we received, we have come out better, and ironically, more realistic and ambitious at the same time.

The challenges have not even begun yet.  Presenting a business plan is nothing compared to actually implementing the venture.  We haven’t had to deal with challenges like electricity cutting out, random government regulations, theft, etc.  but we have to be prepared for anything to really make this work.  Will that prevent mishaps from occurring?  No.  But it will ensure that we ride through the storm in one piece.


Ellen Degeneres Article on O

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I know Jina unni will like this. =)

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