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November 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Look what I just did!

I’m so proud of myself.  I did that all by myself.  With Google and Anjul’s help.  But still. 

I had been waiting to get a better grasp on html before deciding between a web content management system (was debating between Dot Net Nuke/Drupal/Joomla) when I discovered that Google has its own site hosting/creation application!  I love Google.  I want to marry Google.  And chocolate.  But I digress.

Granted, the capabilities within Google’s site app are highly limited compared to a website programmed, managed, and hosted by a professional team.  However, I think at this point in time of our development, Google’s Site app will work just fine.  My next few weeks will be busy editing our business plan (anybody want to help me with a pro-forma income statement? hehe) and preparing for our presentation/trip to New York but come December I’m hoping to learn enough to have a fully functional website, loaded with content.  I can’t promise anything fancy looking though because 1. I don’t know if Google supports any custom designed themes and 2. My CSS will not be advanced enough by then to create anything cool anyway.

You probably don’t agree but.. this is a MOMENTOUS step forward for Bamboo Lota!  Woohoo!  Go!!! =D


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