Bamboo Lota Interview Filming

November 7, 2009 § 1 Comment

Today was quite exciting.

It started with more research (it never ends) for Bamboo Lota before meeting up with the team and heading over to the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens for our interview with MTV!  Two of the producers from MTVu came to film us for an interview to be aired in the first episode.  It was raining today so everything was a bit dark and dreary but we made it work.  I wish I had pictures to post but most of the pictures were taken on Kyson’s camera so I have none to post right now. =(  I will try to update it with pictures later.

The producers were so nice and down to earth and we had a lot of fun.  Basically they had three bright lights set up, shining at three stools.  After we got hooked up with microphones we did some camera and audio tests before they started asking us questions.  While we were sitting there, flashes of my time in high school started hurtling back to memory.

While I was in high school I worked in video production for two years.  Not very many people know this about me.  I really wanted to be a part of Apache News but because I always had ASB third period (the same period as Apache News), I joined the ROP class and filmed and edited during then.  I also was the line producer for a local cable show (on the Arcadia channel!) through that course.  Hehehe.  Some of my best high school memories are from Mr. C and the Apache News crew.  I lived vicariously through them because they were so crazy and free while I was this straight laced political figure (you know, in the tiny world that is Arcadia High).  Anyway, working behind the scenes during video production in high school made me appreciate all the hard work that went into making our shoot happen.  It’s a well known fact in the film industry that hours upon hours of footage are edited into a couple hours.  For today, our three hours of filming is going to be edited down to less than five minutes.  Crazy huh?  While we were filming I was grateful for my on camera experience during high school because it made me learn and practice how to give a decent interview.  Don’t expect much though because it’s been a while!

The interview portion had a few hiccups but all in all, it went well.  We didn’t start really giggling and cracking up until we had to read lines and pose with angry face expressions.  lol.  We had to read some lines that I’m assuming will be aired in a commercial format (things like, “make sure to watch next week on… “).  AND then we had to pose in a “threatening, serious” manner.  Dorky but understandable (I can just imagine the voice overs now. haha).  The only thing is, I’m pretty sure my face expression for that was more just strange and slightly constipated than actually menacing.  *sigh* Live and learn.  I’m going to practice before we go to New York in case we have to do it again. Hehehe.  We then did goofy and fun poses until they had enough footage.

After the Botanical Gardens we went to a conference room to film some b-roll (basically background or secondary footage).  The producers filmed us while we just had a real meeting and talked about what we needed to do for the upcoming weeks.  We did have to film the same thing several times though, mostly so they could capture several different angles.  That only took about thirty minutes and then we decided to get dinner with the producers.

Okay, I have to apologize here for the slightly boring (yet informative!) way I am explaining everything.  I signed a release that I was too excited to read over carefully and so am trying to be careful that I don’t overstep my bounds (in terms of specific info I can divulge). Hehe.  Anyway, afterwards we went to dinner with the producers to Brazil Cafe (the actual cafe, not the shack).  One of the producers told us some crazy stories about working for MTV and the people that he films.  Think about it.  MTV has some really out there shows with zany people like Hulk Hogan and Tila Tequila. Imagine having to be around them, filming their every move for months at a time.  Interesting, but definitely pretty crazy too!

OH!  THE BEST PART!  I found out that Bamboo Lota already won $5,000!!!!!!!!!!  Apparently just being in the top three awards us a prize of $5,000.  How that got past me earlier, I don’t know (Kyson already knew this information, lol).  AND everyone gets to ring the New York Stock Exchange bell (not just the winners).  Exciting!  When we go to New York it will be JAM PACKED with activities.  Sadly, there will be no time for sightseeing or visiting friends during this trip. =( The show airs on MTVu and so feel free to check it out.

I hope the editors are kind.


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  • L says:

    whoa whoa whooooa, has something changed? Is this now the official Bamboo Lota site? I see your format has been modified. Anyways, congratulations!! It sounds like you’re having fun! You can tell me and your cousin about it all on Monday! MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

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