Happy Holidays!

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Merry Christmas Eve to all!  I have been spending a relaxing day with Kimchi and co.  He is seriously one of the best cats I have known.  I’ve already trained him how to shake my hand in two days!!  Allan is convinced Kimchi very intelligent (after giving him a cat IQ test he found online).

Anyway, be safe and don’t drink and drive!  (An extremely relevent post with some cool resources here: http://helpcaraccident.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/tip-7-never-drive-intoxicated/)

I also wanted to share…http://www.raincitystory.com/flash/screenclean.swf



My Newest House Guest

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Hi, my name is 김치 (Kimchi).

I am a ferocious male kitty.

I like playing with balloon ribbons.

Don’t meow me because I’m beautiful.

(미워=hate; pronounced mewoh)

Last Episode of Movers and Changers

December 15, 2009 § 5 Comments

The last episode of Movers and Changers is up.  Ugh, I hate how they used that clip of me during the presentation!  Did they HAVE to include me saying that I was flustered? -_-  Basically what happened was that Kyson and Stephanie went a little overtime and so I had to explain my seven or so slides in less than two and a half minutes.  Then to top it off, during my last two slides, one of the producers was sitting in the background, right in front of me, gesturing like frantic to get me to stop talking.

Now, that is no excuse for me letting that faze me, thus my unhappiness (shown in the episode) at how the presentation went.  The question and answer portion went pretty well and overall I thought it went alright.  We definitely could have prepared more and what not, but considering the circumstances I think it was fine.  I went into the whole thing more as a learning experience than anything else.  And  in that sense, I think we won.

Although it was exciting to see how they edited the show and all, I think Allan, my sister, and cousin were way more excited to watch it than I was.  From day one they all pestered me to tell them the results but I wouldn’t budge in my determination to keep the results secret.  They tried everything from threats, bribes, and all kinds of tricks but I made them wait until today.

Anyway, a big (public) congratulations to Wet Tea, Safe Snip, and Bamboo Lota!  We all basically won.  They don’t make this clear in the video but the judges pitched in money to raise the prize money for the two other teams to $20,000.  The $15,000 they mention is in addition to the $5,000 we already won as a finalist. It’s pretty amazing to think that a simple idea and some research got us this far.  Bamboo Lota plans to use the money we won to actually travel to Africa and institute a pilot project with a partner nonprofit.  We’ve been working hard and streamlining our business model to make it more realistic.  Hopefully in the future, you will hear of us again.



December 14, 2009 § 1 Comment

3: Number of times I’ve been mistaken for a high school student

4: Number of times I’ve been to Walmart (for beef jerkey and kit kats)

20: Number of times the hospital internet has blocked me from trying to access social networking/blog/game sites

234523454: Number of times my sister has cursed my existence with a tirade

(all numbers calculated from within the last three days)

Three Days

December 14, 2009 § 1 Comment

I’ve been wearing the same clothes for the last three days.  And although my sister disagrees, there is a justfiable reason.

These last few days have been pretty brutal.  Thankfully, the scariest part is over (I think).

Audition for Kollaboration San Francisco!

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Dear Artist,

Kollaboration San Francisco is holding a talent competition and we
want you to audition!  Our mission is to encourage the Asian American
community to express themselves artistically and break through media
stereotypes while coming together as a community. We are hosting a
show on Saturday, April 10th at the Palace of Fine Arts in San
Francisco, where we hope to feature amazing local talent in all
genres.  The show will basically be a talent competition with a grand
prize of $1000.  There will also be other cash prizes for audience
favorites and freestyle competitions.

We want you to either:
1. Audition
2. Spread the word to local talent and encourage them to audition
3. Be a part of our movement and volunteer

If you want to audition, go to our website and fill out the form at:
by Jan 7th.  If you are selected, we will invite you to our live
audition on Saturday, January 23rd.  For more details
please see our on our website.

If you want to volunteer, please send an e-mail to kaitie.wong@kollaborationsf.org.

Even if you do not plan to audition, please show your support by
following us on Twitter @Kollabsfbayarea and become our Facebook fan
at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kollaboration-SF-Bay-Area/119472599197?ref=ts.

We hope to see you soon!

Kollaboration San Francisco

Episode 3: Movers and Changers

December 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

Episode 3 is up!  They put up all the past episodes on the bottom left corner so start from the beginning if you have no idea what I am referring to.  =)


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