Oh Neytiri

January 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

One of the best things about Neytiri is her curiousity and inquisitiveness.  One of the worst things about Neytiri is her curiousity and inquisitiveness.

I am currently typing on a keyboard with missing keys thanks to my mischievious little babe.  But before I get into how that happened I will reveal some of her other escapades:

  • Sniffing my face and then putting her tongue in my nose
  • Batting at my laptop screen, trying to catch the cursor while I am trying to write emails
  • Knocking any item that isn’t bolted down off a table
  • Coming to me and trying to eat anything I’m eating
  • Watching me clean out her poop and then going in and using the litter box as I am cleaning it…

Neytiri has such a big personality and I love her for it.  She is constantly getting herself into messes though. Currently she is eating my plants as I type.  *sigh* Poor plants.  First Violeta, then Kimchi, and now Neytiri.

Anyway, about thirty minutes ago I was eating a choco-pie and had a cup of water beside me.  Right when Neytiri heard the rustle of plastic, she bounded towards me and started pawing at my choco-pie.  Because chocolate can be deadly for cats, I kept it out of reach until I finished eating it.  However, in the ten seconds I had my head turned, she proceeded to start drinking my water.

Yeah.. thanks Neytiri.  I thought it was really cute how she had her head stuck down the cup though so as you can see, I got the camera to take some pictures.  We were both having fun until she started pawing at the cup, consequently tipping it over.  The water got all over the table, floor, clean laundry, and.. my laptop. =(  I hastily took out some keys to keep the rest of the laptop dry but now I can’t get them back in.

Oh, and in the last five minutes of writing this post she decided that the “s” key was her new toy and batted it across the table.  One of her favorite games is hiding behind my laptop screen, watching my fingers type, and then lunging out and batting them with a paw.  Luckily she doesn’t use her nails so it’s not too painful.

She’s so funny though.  I love Neytiri and Navi both so much.  They’re definitely not the angelic, pettable little kitties I dreamed of adopting but I’m happy nonetheless.  It’s much more interesting this way.  =)

Who me?


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