January 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is pretty cool.

Last week Kyson and I went to speak at our Entrepreneurship to Address Global Poverty class at the request of our professor.  We went in for twenty minutes and talked about our experiences with Bamboo Lota and our thoughts on the course.  Basically we were real live, walking and talking testimonials.  However, that is not the cool part.  I mean, it was a little cool to think that we were “teaching” a real university course but after teaching DeCals and being a peer advisor, it wasn’t anything new to be speaking in front of a classroom full of Berkeley students (I am aware that sounds kind of conceited. HEHE).

The cool part was having students contact me via email after our talk, wanting to know more about the venture and my experiences.  Because I am now responding not as a peer advisor, but as a graduated alumnus.  It’s funny because I was one of them too, emailing people who came to speak at my classes and asking them for advice.  In fact, I still do it now too except instead of emailing academics, I email CEOs.

Part of this experience makes me feel really old though.  I’m graduated.  =(  And even if I go back to school, I will be an old graduate student…not a young, fresh undergrad.  The other day when we were having Kollaboration auditions I was hanging out with two of our high school volunteers.  When I asked them if they were having fun they said, “Yeah… but everyone here is SO OLD.”  -_-  And that was when they thought I was still in college.  -_-  -_-

Then again, if I wasn’t “SO OLD” I wouldn’t get to live in a nice apartment that allows cats.  Yes!  Age increase rationalized into a positive experience.

I win. =D


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