Poop in my Hand

February 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Yesterday I was honored the distinct displeasure of discovering what if feels like to hold warm poo in my hand.  Not mine of course, but Navi’s.  I knew I shouldn’t have laughed quite so hard when I saw Kyson trying to prevent Yohji from peeing on the carpet by blocking it with his bare hand.

Ah, the life of a dedicated pet owner.  The other day my friend told me a story of how his dog got sick and how he had to take her poop out of her butt for her (it was stuck halfway).  Apparently you need gloves and a pair of scissors.  Doesn’t that sound horrifying?  I can’t imagine how gross baby feces will look and smell like.

However, it’s possible that by that time I will be so used to handling poop that it will be second nature.  Four years ago I would have left that cat turd alone to fester.  When I was younger I would just cover messes with a paper towel and pretend that they didn’t exist. Hehe.  I suppose one could say that with age comes an uncanny tolerence for handling remarkably stinky objects. Who knew?


§ One Response to Poop in my Hand

  • 남형 says:

    오랜만이야! 건강하게 잘지내지!? 고모랑 고모부도 잘 계시구~? ^^
    내일이 여기 설날이긴 한데 거긴 발렌타인데이일거 같네~
    요즘 어떻게 지내? 제길 메일을 보내야 되는데 왠지 여기가 더 편해서~ 한동안 연락이 없어서 미안^^;;
    아무튼 Happy Valentine’s Day! Yumi! ^^

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