Digital SLR

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I am preparing to take the plunge into amateur photography.  That said, my arsenal of tools would not be complete without a digital slr camera.  And although it has been a slow learning process, I already find ISO settings, lens mms, sensor sizes, etc. so interesting.  Currently I am leaning towards getting a Canon Rebel T1i, used.  While the XS is known to be a good camera, I want one with some more advanced features to take me though the next few years.  I know buying a used camera online is really risky but hopefully with enough research and background checks, I can find a trusty vendor.  I also hope to find some good additional lenses to enable better focus, etc.  Last but not least, I have contacted Junshien ( to become my photography mentor.  All this does not come cheaply but I know it will be worth it.  Beautiful photos are timeless, and in my opinion, one of the best gifts you can give to another person

My recent resolve to really start studying photography as a discipline is a result of my failed attempts to take my dad on a trip.  For the last few months I have been trying to save up and plan “the trip of a lifetime” for my dad to hopefully allow him to do some of the things he always wanted to do before it is time for him to leave.  I assumed so many things about my dad when researching for these trips and didn’t really ask him what he wanted.  I was being so selfish, planning trips that were more for my enjoyment than his (Korea, Alaska, etc.).  And although I think he would have enjoyed those trips, I’ve realized that all he really wants is to spend time with family and could care less about the locale or specific activity.

I still plan on taking him to some local trips like Yosemite, but in the mean time, I plan to hone my photography skills so I can help capture some nice moments.


Adobe Illustrator

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The more I learn about Adobe Illustrator, the more I love it.  Although my actual Adobe Illustrator skills leave much to be desired, I have become quite good at perusing the Internet for free vector graphics.  One thing I love about the design community is that most people are very free about sharing work.  I see this a lot in the computer programming world as well.

The great thing about the Internet is that if you have the determination to learn, the resources are all there for you.  Of course there are some things you just have to learn by experience but there will most likely be enough information on any topic for you to be able to grasp the basics.

On that note, if any of you are inspired to start learning how to use Illustrator, or any of the other Adobe programs for that matter, check out

And for those of you who are already using Adobe programs, check out the preview for the new Photoshop CS5!!

Alaskan Fishing

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After snowboarding in Tahoe for the first time, I was re-inspired to start planning my trip to Alaska with my dad.  After hearing an acquaintance rave about salmon fishing in Alaska, I made it my goal to one day go and explore the icy terrain and freezing waters for myself.  I wasn’t actually planning to go for a while but with the recent developments in my father’s health, I decided sooner was better than later.

For those of you who would also like to venture to Alaska to fish, let me save you a lot of time by saying… it’s ridiculously expensive.  Luckily there are a lot of packages that exist, circumventing your need to buy fishing gear and tools for the trip, but even so… airfare, lodging, meals, fishing guides… it adds up.  It’s pretty depressing to think that I will be spending a good part of my savings on this trip but at the same time, how can you put a price tag on an experience like this?  Even though I haven’t gone many times in my life, I love fishing and I have my dad to thank for that.  He used to be an avid fisherman before me and my two siblings were born and I’m sure he would have loved to go more had he not been working to support us.



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I feel very fortunate to work with two very talented graphic designers every day.  Just by sharing an office with one of them, I am able to learn so much about technique, functionality, etc.  Great artistry, in whatever field, inspires me to learn more so I can fully appreciate not only the aesthetic beauty but also the thought, philosophy, and work that went into producing that beautiful piece of work.

Last weekend we had about six photographers roaming around backstage during the Kollaboration San Francisco show.   And while they were all excellent photographers, one in particular stood out to me.  His pictures set him apart in terms of technique, resolution, color contrast, and so much more.  By far, he was the best photographer there and his work speaks for itself.  It turns out, he is a professional wedding photographer who somehow heard of our little movement and decided to volunteer his time and efforts into helping us capture our first show in the most beautiful way possible.  You can see the Kollaboration show pictures here:

While his concert photos are great to look at, I wasn’t fully impressed until I had browsed his wedding and fashion photographs.  He has such a great eye for color and is so great at capturing beauty in the ordinary.  He knows so much about lighting and how it will turn out in the completed photograph.  If you love beautiful photos, I highly suggest you check out his work (  And while there are so many talented and amazing photographers out there, Junshien is the only one I actually met in person.  Hehe.  Hopefully one day I will learn enough to produce stunning animal photography shots! =)

Hear Me

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This weekend I watched a Taiwanese film entitled, “Hear Me.”  The story was so incredibly beautiful.  Even though it turned me into a sobbing mess of tears, I absolutely loved the story.  I want to talk about the film but in order to do so, I will also give away some of the plot.  So people, please go watch the movie and then let me know so we can rave about it together!

It’s Over

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I got up at 7:30am today morning to get ready for the first Kollaboration San Francisco show.  It is currently 3:00am and I just arrived home.  Talk about a long day.  I think this one day made up for my lack of exercise for the last few weeks.  -_-  Today I ate one granola bar, one slice of pizza, and a few pieces of sushi.  Usually that is just one meal for me!

Anyway, it was a slightly stressful yet great day.  I was so worried about ticket sales leading up to the show but we sold out hours before it started.  Throughout the day I felt bad because things weren’t quite as organized as they could have been and the performers were getting restless but in the end, everything worked out.  I was in charge of making sure the performers were ready to go on stage and other similar tasks.  I didn’t get to watch the show but it was really cool because I got to know the competitors a lot more personally.  MAN!  Personality makes such a huge difference.  Everyone was nice but there were definitely super talented groups and artists that were just so down to earth and easy to work with.  My favorite moments were when the singers and musicians would just randomly jam together.  I had a lot of fun just listening and I can only imagine how fun it must have been for them to participate in something like that.  Gosh, the only jam session I would be able to participate in is… a group of people folding origami cranes or doing jigsaw puzzles.  =(  A couple of the performers actually asked me what I would do if I were to perform on stage and it was sad how I had no answer.  I think I said something dance related but it was more so I could sound cool.  If I were to be really honest I would have to say something like organizing things or playing Plants vs. Zombies.  Now that, I could be competitive at. Haha.  I’m really good at eating too.  I’ve always wanted to enter an eating contest.  I know!  I could be competitive in a chocolate ice cream contest.  My sugar tolerance is uncannily high.

Anyway, it’s really late so I’m not going to do a full recap but for the one person who reads this (me, hehehehe…) I just wanted to thank all the performers, volunteers, and especially staff.  We had some pretty intense moments leading up to this day where disagreements led to frustrations and so on, but we are a family and pulled through.  I am so proud of us and what we were able to accomplish in such a short time.  It’s crazy because there was no way one individual could have pulled this off yet together we were able to achieve so much.

Gosh, I know it sounds so cheesy and when I read this back, it’s not eloquent at all and I am not expressing myself adequately but at the same time, my brain is not letting me care.  Blah, maybe I will edit this tomorrow.  But if not, enjoy my garbled up sentences. =D

Kollaboration is coming

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