Divine Message

April 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I feel like someone up high is trying to send a message to me.  I haven’t posted for a long time, partly because I wanted to use the new photoblog theme, partly because I’ve been really busy.  But after getting a call from my cousin in Korea who actually reads this blog to check up on me, I’ve decided to start posting real text once again.  The message that has been conveyed to me of late is to follow my dreams.  It seems so trite and obvious but then again, it’s so easy to get lost in the comforts of day to day life.

Yesterday I went to a Marie Digby concert, put on by the Cal Do Something chapter (youth oriented non-profit).  The proceeds from the concert went to one of eleven charitable causes, a cause that the audience votes for.  Before going to the concert, I had no idea who Marie Digby was, and only after already promising to go to the concert did I discover that she was a former UC Berkeley student who left school to pursue her dream of a career in music.

I really enjoyed the concert.  More than anything, I liked hearing the stories behind the songs and the reasoning behind her music.  I respect Marie because she takes ownership of her music and not only writes lyrics and composes, but also plays her own instruments.  Anyway, one of the “signs” was hearing her song, “The Beauty in Walking Away.”

Marie wrote this song while she was at UC Berkeley.  During the concert she talked about how she would climb out the fire escape of the dorms at sit outside with her guitar, staring at a flickering light across the bay that later would signify her dream of becoming a musician.  She talked about the her fears of leaving college and the struggle of having two paths, both appealing, but one safe and traditional, and the other unpredictable and potentially debilitating.    The song was just so poignant and really hit home for me because I’m not in a situation where I dislike what I do or the causes that I work for.


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