April 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I feel very fortunate to work with two very talented graphic designers every day.  Just by sharing an office with one of them, I am able to learn so much about technique, functionality, etc.  Great artistry, in whatever field, inspires me to learn more so I can fully appreciate not only the aesthetic beauty but also the thought, philosophy, and work that went into producing that beautiful piece of work.

Last weekend we had about six photographers roaming around backstage during the Kollaboration San Francisco show.   And while they were all excellent photographers, one in particular stood out to me.  His pictures set him apart in terms of technique, resolution, color contrast, and so much more.  By far, he was the best photographer there and his work speaks for itself.  It turns out, he is a professional wedding photographer who somehow heard of our little movement and decided to volunteer his time and efforts into helping us capture our first show in the most beautiful way possible.  You can see the Kollaboration show pictures here:

While his concert photos are great to look at, I wasn’t fully impressed until I had browsed his wedding and fashion photographs.  He has such a great eye for color and is so great at capturing beauty in the ordinary.  He knows so much about lighting and how it will turn out in the completed photograph.  If you love beautiful photos, I highly suggest you check out his work (  And while there are so many talented and amazing photographers out there, Junshien is the only one I actually met in person.  Hehe.  Hopefully one day I will learn enough to produce stunning animal photography shots! =)


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