My First Picture

May 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

After days of perusing photography tutorials, it’s so nice to be able to hold a functioning camera in my hand!  I’ve had the body for a few days now but no lens to use it with!  The camera is amazing and everything I could have wanted in my first DSLR.  The auto focus is stellar and although do plan on learning much more regarding the functionality of this camera, I can see it producing beautiful photographs simply by pointing and shooting.  That said, I present to you… MY FIRST PICTURE!!

That’s my baby, Navi.  Technically she’s the older one but she acts like the little sister with her shy, hide-in-the-farthest-corner tendencies.  I’m so happy my first picture was a decent shot (even though I just literally pointed and clicked the shutter button) because all my other pictures from that session were horrible.  To be fair, I was just trying out the different settings on the camera but still…none of those pictures were worth saving.  I did another mini photo session today after work but those pictures didn’t come out that great either.  I still need to finish reading the manual and find out what all the different buttons do. HEHE.  Oh! And I need to learn how to manually focus and produce decent pictures.  All my attempts today were super blurry.  I also realized that the lens that I purchased is not actually all that great so once I learn some more about the different options out there, I need to invest in a better one (they are just as expensive as the camera body though =/ ).

Photography is so exciting.  It’s so nice to be able to finally capture something similar to the vision I have in my head.  Once I have a handle on my camera, I plan to dive into the new Photoshop CS5 tutorials.  I’ve already seen some preview videos and the changes are major!  I’ve only done really minor photo manipulation (more along the lines of photo restoration) so I’m also really excited to learn more about Photoshop in general.  One of my dreams is to one day take pictures of wild animals in Africa (a la Nick Brandt) but before I do that I need to buy a very powerful telephoto lens (I’m adventurous, not stupid).  That way I can stay safe in the jeep but still capture their tiny hairs.  Luckily I have two little mini lionesses to practice on in the mean time.

Once I get better I’m happy to take random pictures for people but at this point, you’re probably better off taking them yourself. =)  Till next time!


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