Drew’s Reply

August 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s easy to forget that people actually read your blog when Statbrain says that less than ten people visit your page each day – WHICH IS A LIE!  Sometimes eleven people visit.

Anyway, once in a while I will get a message from a friend or relative checking in or responding to something that I wrote on my blog.  Usually I keep those replies to myself but one of my friends sent me a reply so awesome that I had to post it.  But first, let me summarize the reasons on why it is so awesome.

  1. It proves that he reads my blog
  2. It shows how intelligent he is
  3. I thought I had more but I guess that’s it…an intelligent person reads my blog!

On a more serious note, I was touched that he actually cared enough to fashion such a thorough response.  If I had more time (or the will) I would contest a few of the points but knowing him, this chain would never end.  Therefore, I yield to his superior citations (his fourteen versus my zero), and give credit where it is due.  To Drew!

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Animals as Destressors

August 6, 2010 § 1 Comment

When I pet Neytiri’s silky smooth coat, feelings of love and contentment fill my being.  Her gentle purr makes me feel at peace and I often wish that I could bottle up that experience to use in times of stress.

What is it about animals that enable us humans to be so at peace?  My experience is not an uncommon phenomenon.  Many fellow pet owners describe how calming the sight of their beloved dog, cat, mouse, etc. can be.

I suspect that it has to do with unconditional love….but not in the direction one would assume.  I, for one, do not think my cat Neytiri loves me unconditionally.  I think she appreciates that I feed her and finds me entertaining when I wave around a feather…but besides that, I don’t think she harbors any all consuming love for me.  Me, on the other hand….I’m a goner.  When I see Navi and Neytiri’s tiny little faces, my heart simply melts.

If you think about it, people generally do not unconditionally love other humans.  Relationships are defined by countless conditions that determine the level of affection another person deserves.  Even children are subject to conditions.  The ability to communicate with words, through language, makes us more sophisticated in terms of what thoughts we can express, but not actually more empathetic.

So…where’s your pet?

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