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As hard as it is for a parent to hear their child cry, I don’t think anything compares to hearing your parent cry. Today was a sad day. For the journey will probably give you a better picture.


Long Time No See

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

I recently met up with someone I never really expected to see again. It was Leo from Wuhan, China. Through this meeting I discovered that my Mandarin is dismally bad. I was blanking on words that used to come to me so easily. It was cool though that even after only spending a few days hanging out in China, we could greet each other like old.friends.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever see the people from my travels again. Twenty years ago it would have been near impossible but in this day and age, technology makes it so much easier. Leo is the fourth visitor from my Asia trip to visit the US but the first that I’ve been able to meet with. It has been two years since I visited but the memories from that trip are still so vivid in my memory.

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