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I want to go back.

Usually when I want to go back to a country it’s either because  it was so amazing and I want to experience everything again. However, the reason I want to go back to Thailand is because I feel like there is still so much left to see.  I don’t feel like I gave Thailand a fair shot at wow-ing me and I know that it can. This was due to poor planning on my part, similar to my experience in Taiwan. However, it was really fun to experience new things and get a better sense of how things run in Thailand.

When we arrived in Bangkok, there were a series of misunderstandings that definitely dampened the mood. Although the four of us on the trip had budgeted and planned to share one hotel room (two queen beds), the hotel had a limit of two people per room that we were learned of upon arrival. Furthermore, their pricy Internet only allowed one device at a time. And as nice as the front desk attendees were, their English was so limited that it was very, very, hard to communicate.

However we prevailed, through the use of sign language and pictures, and were able to secure a taxi driver to take us to Pattaya the next day. He looked sketchy at first and did not speak a word of English but was appreciative of the feeble attempts we made at speaking Thai and took very good care of us.

Our first stop in Pattaya was the floating market. Immediately I tried their mango and sticky rice. For a mere $2 USD I had THE BEST mango and sticky rice that I have ever had in my life. The mango was so perfectly ripe and sweet and the rice was dense and not too sticky – the perfect foil to the soft mango that practically dissolved in my mouth.

My friend Christine also got her coveted coconut milk. I’m not a fan of coconut milk (more aptly put, coconut water) but it was really fresh – much better than the coconut I tried in China. I also tried some other goodies, all of which were okay but not nearly as amazing as the mango and sticky rice.

Spicy sausage

Duck Bill

After the floating market we tried to go to see/ride some elephants but found out that it cost quite a bit (about $60 USD) and didn’t think that it was worth it. Our last stop in Pattaya was the beach.

There were some interesting occurrences on the way to the beach (boats breaking down, someone offering Connie a sea sickness pill and then asking her for money after she took it), but the Thai beaches were amazing. I really want to go to a proper beach town like Phuket. Even in Pattaya, the water was warm, the landscape was beautiful, and sun was perfect. Because it was a touristy location they did charge us for everything (chairs, towels, bathroom usage) and the food was overpriced but it was still worth the trip.


After the beach we took a boat back and our taxi driver picked us up at the wharf. Although we had intended to walk around the red light district in Pattaya, we were tired and didn’t want to keep our driver out too late so we just picked up a quick meal at McDonalds and drove back to the hotel. The girls really wanted a hamburger but I ended up really enjoying the meal I got at McDonalds. They do something different to the fried chicken in Thailand. The meat was juicy and tender and it was better than 80% of the fried chicken I eat in the States.



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